Greece asks for aid “like a taxi driver”

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The atmosphere seems to be getting more tense in the Eurozone, even after Greece’s repayment of €459 million last week to the IMF. As Greece gets more needy of additional bailout funds. So seems to be the relationship between Europe’s most indebted nation and its creditors.Following recent reports from a German newspaper that some euro zone officials expressed their displeasure against Greece’s negotiation tactics.

It was stated in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung that participants at last week’s meeting of euro zone officials expressed dissatisfaction towards Greece continuous failure to satisfy its creditors with its structural reform plans. The latest disappointment was expressed in last week’s talks in Brussels, as the German paper cited some participants were “disappointed by Athens’ lack of movement in its plans. Pointing out the fact that the Greek representative just asked where the money was “like a taxi driver and insisted his country would soon be bankrupt”.

This report has prompted a response from Greece’s finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis who reacted by saying: “When the readers of FAS read the minutes of the Euro Working Group meeting the newspaper will have difficulty justifying its headline and the content of its article. Such reports undermine the negotiation and Europe.”

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Greece is not likely to unlock any further tranche of aids until it submits a more satisfactory list of reforms to its creditors.

The Euro Working Group, which is a meeting of deputy finance ministers, have given Greece another deadline of six working days to present a revised plan of economic reforms which will be presented to euro zone finance ministers during their next meeting on the 24th of April. This will be the determining factor as to whether the indebted nation will receive any additional aids.

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