Grayscale Applies for the Yearn and SushiSwap Trusts

Not even a month has passed since the Grayscale cryptocurrency fund first became interested in the DeFi industry. And now he is already registering several new trusts, including Yearn Finance and SushiSwap.

February 12, 2021 | AtoZ Markets – Grayscale filed applications for Aave and Polkadot in January. These tools will provide institutional investors with access to the decentralized finance segment.

Grayscale applied for the Yearn Finance, SushiSwap Trusts

Applications for new trusts entered the  Delaware commercial register on February 10. In addition, Yearn Finance and SushiSwap company want to add to the product line coin DeFi-ghjtrnjd Compound Finance, MakerDAO, Synthetix, and platforms for decentralized storage Blockstack.

Recall that on February 1, the registry received an application for the Theta trust, and on January 27 - for Aave, Polkadot, Uniswap, Cosmos, Monero, and  Cardano.

At the end of 2020, Grayscale registered trusts for Chainlink, Basic Attention Token, Decentraland, Tezos, Filecoin, and Livepeer.

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The company now has only 33 trusts, but only nine are active. In mid-January 2021, the company closed the XRP trust, fearing the consequences associated with a lawsuit by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against the issuer of the token, Ripple Labs.

It should be noted that applications do not guarantee that they will actually be launched. This is just a preparatory step.

Investment volume reached $36.8 billion

At the time of this writing, the volume of assets under management of Grayscale is $36.8 billion. In two weeks, the figure rose by 47%. As of January 29, this figure did not exceed $25 billion.

Bitcoin is the most popular among active Grayscale trusts. It accounts for 82% of all invested funds, or $30.2 billion.

Ethereum is in second place with an investment volume of  $5.5 billion (15%). The rest of the capital is distributed between Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens, Ethereum Classic, and  Zcash.

Major DeFi tokens jump to all-time highs

The news fueled market interest in the decentralized finance segment. Large tokens rose sharply, for example, YFI rose by 26% and renewed its all-time high at $47,400. After a long period of sluggish price dynamics, YFI finally woke up and resumed its growth. At the time of this writing, the token is trading at $47,667.

Grayscale Applies for the Yearn and SushiSwap Trusts

SUSHI also reached record highs at $ 17.30, while COMP came close to the $ 500 mark. MKR remained almost unchanged over the day. Its current rate is near $ 2,500. SNX hit its all-time high a few hours ago at $27.

According to DeFiPulse, the total amount of funds blocked in DeFi projects has reached $40 billion, but in fact, it may be even higher since not all protocols are represented in the resource.

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