Grapevine World partners with Telekom Deutschland on Cloud usage

Grapevine World partners with Telekom Deutschland to power the data management in line with the highest requirements for data protection and data security as well as the specifications of the GDPR.

13 August, AtoZ MarketsGrapevine World has entered a strategic partnership with Telekom Deutschland, Europe’s largest ICT service provider. 

As part of Deutsche Telekom’s new “SoftwareBoost” program, Grapevine World will transfer its Blockchain-backed services of secure health data exchange into the Open Telekom Cloud. This would enable the data management in line with the highest requirements for data protection and data security as well as the specifications of the GDPR.

How Telekom Deutschland’s know-how helps Grapevine?

Telekom Deutschland will act as a core-hosting provider for the Grapevine services, thus supporting the secure international exchange of health data. The use of the public cloud allows for the data storage with special consideration of data protection, data security, and DSGVO. Through SoftwareBoost, Grapevine World will be able to source scalable IT resources from Telekom Deutschland’s cloud on an OpenStack basis in a flexible and demand-driven manner.

“We are very excited about this elite partnership. Thanks to Telekom Deutschland’s global presence and technological know-how, we can quickly open up further markets worldwide and thus continue to make great progress in the realization of a networked healthcare system, “ explains Martin Tiani, CEO of Grapevine World.

“Grapevine World is one of a handful of selected companies that we’ve included in our elite SoftwareBoost program,” said Peter Arbitter, Vice President Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland GmbH. “Grapevine World’s digital business model has convinced us that an international exchange of health data can bring invaluable benefits to everyone involved in the future.”

Successful pilot project of Grapevine and Microsoft

Telekom Germany is yet another big partner of Grapevine World, with one of the first big corporations to join Grapevine network being Microsoft. For the joint implementation of a project of this magnitude, Grapevine World is working with a variety of partners to reduce data barriers and simplify the use of health data for professionals and to facilitate the tracking of their origins.

Grapevine World has developed an innovative blockchain-based platform. The decentralized ecosystem enables a smooth and secure exchange of health data. In a pilot project with Tiani Spirit, the University of Southampton and one of the Forbes 100 pharmaceutical company, its potential is being tested in a selected clinical trial. Grapevine World provides access to anonymous data, regardless of where it is stored.

About Grapevine World

Grapevine World is a borderless and decentralized system that aims to offer the seamless exchange of health data in a secure and organized way. It is also a manufacturer and independent IT service provider.

Grapevine World merges interoperability (IHE, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) and innovative Blockchain technology in order to establish a decentralized ecosystem that is populated with every stakeholder in healthcare.

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