Grapevine World Launches Medical Data Project with Austrian Health

Grapevine World launches a pilot medical data project with Austrian Health. The project is called "Medakte" and aims to facilitate fast communication between patients, clinics, and medical practitioners. 

18 July, AtoZ Markets – Austrian Health and Grapevine World are happy to announce the joint launch of a pilot project for the Care Manager Portal. The project is entitled “Medakte” and is aiming to provide patients with an opportunity to organize the data concerning their health in a better way. 

Grapevine World Launches Medical Data Project with Austrian Health

Thanks to the upcoming project, patients will be able to optimize medical procedures and to consult with the national and international health specialists. “Medakte” will bring the networking in medicine to a whole new level, thus enabling fast communication between patients, clinics, and medical practitioners. 

In addition, the project looks into smoothing out the process of the exchange of medical data and medical procedures. Martin Tiani, CEO of Grapevine World GmbH, has commented on the launch of a pilot project:

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“We are delighted to be implementing this project with Austrian Health, one of the very first Grapevine partners. It means that patients can obtain easy and secure access to national and international expertise from renowned medical experts - something being previously impossible to most patients, either due to lack of time or due to an absence of networking capabilities.”

Austrian Health offers a platform for Austrian and international patients to receive medical advice and to better organize medical procedures. Dr. David Gabriel, founder, and CEO of Austrian Health has explained:

“The diverse range of technological options implemented by Grapevine opens up entirely new avenues. Ill people are also invariably people in top-priority emergency situations who require precise diagnoses and effective therapeutic proposals. Therefore, it is important to design procedures in a more flowing manner and to close any loopholes that might exist between individual medical procedures”.

How will Medakte work?

Registered participants will be able to submit a medical inquiry through the portal. The network of health experts from Austrian Health will be responsible for appointing the right specialist to a participant based on the nature of the issue. 

Then, the expert can obtain the data provided by the participant and provide his/her professional opinion regardless of the geographical location. 

Participant’s personal data remains on the platform of Austrian Health and is protected in accordance with the global security standards. The “Medakte” is based on the technology called “Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise.” This technology is responsible for the promotion of the coordinated application of standards. 

Via a link with Grapevine Backbone, Austrian Health can provide medical experts with the data submitted by participants in an easy and secure way, The Grapevine Backbone is a merger between global software infrastructures. It facilitates the exchange of globally standardized data on the basis of IHE technology. 

The CEO of Austrian Health has added:

“We can absolutely recommend Grapevine to other partner companies because this approach lifts medical procedures to the next level and it professionalizes the entire system. In turn, patients benefit from the genuine added value for their health and can be confident that their sensitive personal details are being treated in a responsible manner.”

The Blockchain technology utilized by Grapevine guarantees the smooth release of data by the participant, as it also manages the billing details. The technology provides the highest level of security when it comes to dealing with sensitive and personal data of patients. 

About Grapevine World

Grapevine World is a borderless and decentralized system that aims to offer the seamless exchange of health data in a secure and organized way. It is also a manufacturer and independent IT service provider.

Grapevine World merges interoperability (IHE, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) and innovative Blockchain technology in order to establish a decentralized ecosystem that is populated with every stakeholder in healthcare.

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