Grapevine World ICO Review: Benefits of Blockchain powered Healthcare

In today's Grapevine World ICO review, we will discuss the key points about this innovative project, look into the essential idea behind it, and analyze some of the benefits it can bring to the modern society. 

18 June, AtoZ Markets In the world of ever-changing technologies, initial coin offerings (ICOs) come as one of the latest innovative booms that have shaken the world’s community. While there are numerous projects that are entering the marketplace every day, only the best of them survive.

Grapevine World ICO Review

Today, we will review one of the most ambitious and prospective ICO projects that aim to make our world a better place. In this Grapevine World ICO review, we will briefly discuss the key points about this project, look into the essential idea behind it, and analyze some of the benefits it can bring to the modern society.

According to the official website of the project, Grapevine World is a borderless and decentralized system that aims to offer the seamless exchange of health data in a secure and organized way. The statement on Grapevine’s website reads:

“Populated with every stakeholder in health – from patients to pharma, care providers to payers, researchers, and technicians – Grapevine World is the backbone of a new global market.”

- It allows users to exchange health data in a secure and standardized fashion ;

- It provides access to a complete picture of patient data

- Finally, it enables the use of healthcare based on informed consent.

How does Grapevine World work?

The project merges interoperability (IHE, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) and innovative Blockchain technology in order to establish a decentralized ecosystem that is populated with every stakeholder in healthcare.

The Grapevine World solution will provide patients will a sufficient control over their health data. They will be able to access this information at any time, from anywhere.

Moreover, the project would enable the implementation of the Grapevine token reward system. The team behind the project has explained:

“Every use of patient data is rewarded with blockchain based crypto-tokens (Grapevine tokens), that can be used in exchange for products and services – apps, gadgets, medical advice, and care. Alternatively, you can also purchase Grapevine tokens from an exchange.”

Following on this, health organizations would be able to gain access to previously inaccessible data with patient’s consent.

What is the purpose of Grapevine World?

The key aim of the project is to improve the health of population via increasing the access to the high-quality care. Grapevine World also looks into advancing the patients’ experience of healthcare.

Another goal that Grapevine World aims to reach is to improve the affordability for patients and reduce costs for all stakeholders involved in healthcare.


Grapevine token (GVINE) enables users to pay for health services, data, and products. For instance, patients would receive GVINE tokens for sharing their health data with other stakeholders.

All Grapevine token’s transactions are processed and recorded on the Blockchain, and they are stored in a decentralized, Ethereum-based Blockchain. The ICO of Grapevine started on the 6th of July 2018, at the ICO token price of $0,10.

GVINE Token distribution

  • Token Sale (incl. 3% Bounty Program) 45%
  • Foundation’s Reserve 25%
  • Community & Partner Onboarding 15%
  • Innovation fund 5%
  • Team 10%

Grapevine World Team

Martin Tiani - Founder & Project Sponsor

Martin has an extensive experience in building companies in the field of interoperability and standardized data exchange.

Wernhard Berger - Project Lead & Co-Founder

Wernhard has graduated from Vienna University of Economics and Business. He has years of experience at start-ups, consultancies and multinational corporations across Vienna, London, and Silicon Valley.

Jürgen Pricken - Operations Lead & Co-Founder

Jürgen started his career in PSK Bank before moving on to a number of different occupations, where he gained a substantial experience in various companies.

Walter Schleschitz - Marketing Lead & Co-Founder

Massimiliano Masi - Blockchain, Architecture & Security Lead

Abdallah Miladi - Senior Blockchain & Healthcare IT Engineer

Bojana Pavlovic - Marketing & Project Assistant

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