Grapevine World develops Blockchain Health Data platform using Microsoft Azure

Grapevine World works on the development of Blockchain Health Data platform using Microsoft Azure as a part of its collaboration project with the University of Southampton and Tiani Spirit. What will this idea bring to the world?

31 July, AtoZ Markets Grapevine World, an innovative decentralized ecosystem enabling the secure exchange and management of health data, has some exciting news for its supporters. The Blockchain-enabled platform has collaborated with the University of Southampton and Tiani Spirit.

Grapevine World develops Blockchain Health Data platform using Microsoft Azure

As a part of the collaboration project, Grapevine World will be utilizing the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for the purpose of monitoring the origin of healthcare data. The key aim behind this project is to eliminate data barriers and facilitate the access and the ability to utilize health data for professionals.

In fact, medical data, its provenance, and quality have always been at the top priority list when it comes to clinical research. Data origin emerges as the basis for the data quality.

The upcoming project looks into presenting the value of combining market-proven interoperability standards in health data exchange (IHE) and blockchain technology (Hyperledger Fabric) concerning the monitoring and examining health data origin. The pilot will also test the potential of the solution for clinical trial matching for one of the Forbes 100 pharmaceutical corporations.

The Chief Business Development Officer and Co-Founder of Grapevine World, Wernhard Berger, has been quoted as saying:

“Following a successful pilot execution with our early adopter, we are excited to receive strong interest from multiple health and life science organizations to subsequently adopt our solution. Benefiting from Microsoft’s global reach and strong support from the interoperability community, we meet a growing market need and will together overcome the current limitations for achieving a truly connected healthcare community.“

Grapevine Overcomes Sector Challenges

When it comes to performance, Grapevine’s features and functionality deliver the best. While being powered by Microsoft Azure, the project is able to meet the latest standards of the industry regarding privacy, security, and scalability matters. David Houlding CISSP, CIPP, the Principal Healthcare Lead at Microsoft Azure, has been quoted as saying:

“Blockchain holds great potential for healthcare consortiums to collaborate to improve the quality of care, lower costs, and improve the experience of patients and healthcare workers. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Grapevine can overcome many of the challenges preventing many blockchain-based projects from reaching the production stage, and limiting real-world adoption of this emergent technology in healthcare. Azure delivers industry-leading cloud-based security and compliance capabilities to empower healthcare consortiums to leverage blockchain to its full potential to help improve healthcare.“

The “clinical trial matching” use case appears as the very first step for Grapevine’s platform. The bigger mission of the project is to facilitate the data access for numerous parties involved in the health data exchange process.

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