Google reverses Crypto advertising ban?

According to a number of online reports, Google has changed its mind over the crypto ad ban. Media outlets report that Google reverses Crypto advertising ban following Facebook’s steps. However, there was no official announcement yet.

24 July, AtoZ Markets It appears that yet another Internet giant is softening its stance regarding cryptocurrencies. In the latest news, Google is now reportedly allowing cryptocurrency advertising again. 

Internet Giants Ban Crypto Ads

Earlier this year, Google has made an announcement, where it has stated that it plans to ban Binary options, cryptocurrencies and related content like initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency trading advice and cryptocurrency wallets. However, it also added that this will not be limited to this list since Google will keep on monitoring the markets for more “Cryptocurrency related content and ads”.

At that time, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have also banned cryptocurrency related advertisements. Facebook has announced its decision on January 30, stating that the ban was focused on the combat of scammers setting up fake initial coin offerings in order to trick people into sending them money. 

Google reverses Crypto advertising ban?

Then, earlier this June, Facebook has eased its rules regarding cryptocurrency sector. The updated policy urged advertisers wanting to run ads for cryptocurrency products and services to submit an application to enable Facebook to evaluate their eligibility. Now, the applicants have to include “any licenses they have obtained, whether they are traded on a public stock exchange, and other relevant public backgrounds on their business.”

Moreover, Facebook stated that “not everyone who wants to advertise will be able to do so.” The Internet company said it will continue to listen to feedback and can revise its decision over time. The company has added that it will continue to “study” the Blockchain technology while still working on its policy.

Google did not provide any official announcement in regards to this development. However, a number of online reports stated that when typing “bitcoin” or “coinbase” in the Google search bar, advertisements for Coinbase pop up. 

Yet, the situation is still unclear now, as the company itself did not make any comments regarding the topic.  

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