Goldman Sachs Digital Asset Projects Await Manager

An American multinational investment bank and financial services company Goldman Sachs has recently listed a job opportunity Digital Asset Project Manager. The announcement comes just a few days after the New York City-based financial firm hinted considering its own stablecoins launch. 

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10 July, 2019, | AtoZ Markets – Recently, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon in one of his interviews hinted, that at some point, the firm will move into the “crypto disruption” in the finance industry, following the similar companies example.

What Could Goldman Sachs Digital Asset Projects Be Expected?

According to the local media, Solomon also confirmed that Goldman Sachs considers stablecoins and researching asset tokenization.

It would be hard to call Goldman Sachs a newbie in the digital asset industry. In 2018, the local media announced, that bank might soon launch cryptocurrency custody services -the secure storage of virtual assets.

Back then, David Solomon stated that the company is already assisting the clients in some of the publicly-traded crypto derivatives like Bitcoin futures. Besides, the company was also considering some of the other activities in the sector. 

Notably, in October 2018, the media reported about massive investment, which Goldman Sachs made in Bitcoin Wallet startup.

Besides, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley –another multinational investment company also became the first banks to use a blockchain-based payments service developed by IBM and CLS, a currency trading utility. 

In one of his recent interviews, the company’s CEO Solomon expressed his positive comments on the development of the financial industry with the help of crypto.

About Job Opportunity in a Brief

According to the job description on the Goldman and Sach careers page, the new Digital Asset Project Manager will be responsible for developing “comprehensive road maps for distributed ledger technology.” It will “play an integral role in helping define both the scope and direction of the business.” 

Notable, that responsibilities and qualifications for candidates are not very strict or technically-oriented.

The requirement is for having “passion for and understanding of blockchain and financial services regulations. Those put in the last place in the job responsibilities description. 

The open position could consider as part of the Goldman Sachs digital asset projects initiative. It aims to cross-pollinate different bank divisions to drive innovation and growth.

The project manager will be part of a large community of like-minded technologists and consult. They are with the firm’s businesses, risk, operations, compliance, legal and finance teams to develop “unprecedented projects.”

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