Irrepressible GMO Click Holdings launches in UK

Launch, GMO, launch of Z.comGMO click group is considered one of the world’s largest broker. In an announcement today, the holding has recently concluded their arrangements for the listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, JASDAQ market. The process of listing dates back since 2014, and has finally been approved today. Adding to its strides, GMO announced their launch of, the London based proprietary trading platform. Trade UK Limited, the Japanese giant GMO click group's office in the UK, is yet to be fully launched on the market. At the moment the foundation offers a large portfolio of products on its multi-asset platform, ranging from forex, indices and commodities. An interesting note, the domain was originally held by Nissan Motor Company, however due to an inevitable business transaction between the two parties, the domain was bought for a staggering $6.8M. With simplicity on the upfront, this particular domain was highly sought on the internet, considering it is one of the only single-letter TLD codes on the web.

Hiroyasu Kito, CEO and President of GMO CLICK Holdings Inc., is highly excited upon the launch of the platform in the UK. As the GMO click group's office in UK will provide a furtherance of the holdings strategy to expand their markets in Europe. In an official statement he expressed his satisfaction as follow; We are excited to announce the full launch of Trade and with the strong foundation of the in-house technology and expertise that we have developed in our home market of Japan, we look forward to connecting with even more traders around the world through our Forex and CFD trading service,” trader is GMO’s newly launched proprietary web based platform for Pc, aside the availability on this standard platform, the company has incorporated trading apps for iOS2 freedom. In order to extend their presence on the ever growing mobile device segment. As an award winning financial entity in Japan, it goes without saying that possess over the right licenses and documents, since is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Tomitaka Ishimura, CEO of Trade UK Limited also said;
“In addition to our commitment to providing trader-centric technology and the best pricing possible, we aim to offer innovative solutions that make trading both interesting and enjoyable. We have found that this philosophy makes it simple for new traders to interact with global financial markets, while more experienced traders can engage with a professional environment that continues to meet their needs,”

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