Georgia FinTech Academy to Offer Blockchain Education

Georgia FinTech Academy to offer Blockchain education to all of the current students across all colleges in the public university of the state. Students, who complete these programs will get degrees or accredited credentials. 

18 September, AtoZ Markets The University System of Georgia (USG) has reportedly announced the upcoming launch of a government Fintech academy. This step came as one of the largest initiatives of its kind across the US. 

Georgia FinTech Academy to Offer Blockchain Education

Previously, some individual universities, such as NYU and Stanford have offered Blockchain courses. But Georgia is now presenting the program to all of the current students across all colleges in the public university of the state. In addition, professionals and degree-holders, who intend to enter the Fintech industry, are invited to enroll in the academy. 

The program is entitled Georgia FinTech Academy. The creators of the program plan to have two in-person locations in Atlanta’s downtown area for on-campus classes. It is also known that courses will be taught online and in departments within Georgia colleges. Students, who complete these programs will get degrees or accredited credentials. 

According to online reports, the scale of the initiative is quite extensive. The mission of the program is to make FinTech education accessible to everyone in the state of Georgia. The primary focus of the program is on experimental learning through apprenticeships.

The founding director of the program, Jim Senn, has stated that there is a clear line between individual cryptocurrencies and core technologies. He has been quoted as saying:

 “Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ethereum, should be considered separately from blockchain or distributed ledger. Bitcoin is an application. The blockchain is a new base technology featuring a distributed ledger.”

Blockchain is Still in Infancy Stage

Mr. Senn also admitted that core Blockchain technologies are still new. However, the USG thinks ahead and has already placed its bet on the increasing adoption of this nascent technology. Mr. Senn has been also quoted as saying:

“The industry around blockchain and distributed ledger is in its infancy. In many ways, it feels like the very early days of the Internet, prior to the introduction of the worldwide web. The technology community is only now beginning to develop the tools and practices to make blockchain a viable technology for business and government.”

Atlanta appears as one of the most interesting places for the experts from private companies to teach focused curricula for Blockchain applications, such as commercial banking, software development, and supply chain logistics.

Global Nations Step up Blockchain Adoption

Blockchain has the potential to attract large investments and fuel economic innovations in the regions. Therefore, nations are escalating their efforts regarding adopting and learning of Blockchain, as they strive to gain a competitive advantage with intellectual property. 

In this context, China has invested a lot of capital into attracting Blockchain innovative entities. At the same time, this country still upholds a ban on some of the elements of the cryptocurrency market.

Likewise, Malta has adopted a highly Blockchain-friendly stance, thus managing to lure in some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. To name a few – OKEx and Binance have decided to establish their operations on the island earlier this year.

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