Genesis Vision Shares Milestones for 2020

October 18, 2019, | AtoZ Markets – The first part of the interview with Genesis Vision’s COO was focused on their vision for the project, major challenges they faced in the Asset Management industry and uses of GV’s token. Furthermore, in the second part, Elena explains the importance of Forex brokers in the Genesis Vision ecosystem.

In this article, Genesis Vision’s COO, Elena Beinesheva shares GV’s milestones for the year 2020.

AtoZ Markets interview with COO of Genesis Vision

AtoZ Markets: “What were your biggest developments in 2019, and what are the biggest milestones you plan to reach in 2020? Did the bearish crypto market have an effect on Genesis Vision?  If we see the trend reverse and Bitcoin surges back to its 2017 levels, how will this effect Genesis Vision?”

Elena Beinesheva: “Our platform has been organically growing since its inception — we have experienced steady growth in user adoption (managers and investors) and are pleased with our development to date.

But we are preparing for more. With a marketing push around the corner, we’re setting the stage for an even steeper user adoption curve and are ready to scale quickly. 

A return to the 2017 highs for BTC would not mean much in and of itself for our project. There are trades to be made in every market and every asset class. Price aside, it would be nice to see the excitement and interest generated by crypto in 2017-18, and in that sense, it would most likely accelerate the adoption curve to our advantage. We think that the next big wave of investors will focus on working products, and we are ready to lead the way. 

In 2019, our team attended The Barcelona Trading Conference (or BTC for short). It is sort of a historic event, because this is the first full-on crypto conference that’s been held by Finance Magnates, a very big name in the world of conventional trading expos. The Genesis Vision CEO Dmitry Nazarov was part of a panel discussing institutional adoption. That panel included representatives of several prominent crypto projects, including Binance. Dmitry had a lot to add to the conversation given our unique position of trying to bridge the gap between crypto and legacy markets. 

We also launched copy trading, entered the classic financial markets through Exante (broker partner) and released a new level system for investor protection. We continuously work on improving the platform and releasing new updates designed to enhance the experience for both investors and managers.

We carefully follow our Roadmap, even adding more to our plate when new ideas and suggestions come up. The next step is to launch our marketing campaign. But to launch it, we need to prepare — a lot has already been completed, and while we’re not quite ready to officially launch it, we’re getting closer every day.

Looking to 2020, we are planning to release a new site aligned with our new objectives. As GV enters a new phase, we will need a website that better meets our marketing needs and more effectively attracts and retains the types of users that will help grow our project.

We plan on opening up to the US market by releasing copy trading directly from the exchanges. To become a Manager or Investor, all you have to do is download your API key from the exchange. The trade will be copied from the Manager’s account on the exchange directly to the investor’s exchange account.

2020 will also see the launch of copy trading for Forex. Currently, copy trading is only available for crypto. However, many of our best programs trade Forex. It was important for us to fully capture the success of our managers and allow investors to copy the most profitable trading programs. Investors will soon be able to copy successful Forex programs and independently control risk management, exiting trades when they see fit.

Regarding the long bear market that the crypto market has gone through, it hasn’t impacted the project one bit. We have signed and implemented new partnerships, achieved our milestones, developed new features, and have no shortage of new ideas. In fact, we could argue that it made us better. Interest in crypto as a whole has gone down, with many people leaving that space behind. Through this process, we have been pushed to create a better product, ready for mass adoption.”

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