Genesis Vision Partnership with EXANTE Unlocks 10000 New Assets

Genesis Vision has already integrated with several Forex brokers. However, the Genesis Vision partnership with EXANTE seems to have the most firepower. Get all the details here, about the new milestone of Genesis Vision. 

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July 1, 2019 | AtoZ Markets - Genesis Vision is an asset management platform that unites several parties into a single system that strives to provide all of the participants with profit. The Genesis Vision ecosystem consists of three groups, those being investors, managers and brokers. 

Investors invest their funds in trading managers, who, in turn, trade on the servers of partner brokers. If we were to draw a parallel with Uber, then investors would be clients willing to have a ride. Managers would play the role of drivers and brokers would play the role of either roads or car manufacturers, given that they provide managers with tools to operate. 

And while investors are very dependant on the quality of the managers, managers, on the other hand, depend on the quality of brokers, where they carry out their trading endeavours. In an ecosystem like Genesis Vision, only the choice of brokers limits the possibilities of trading managers; this is why the question of integration should treat with due diligence. 

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Why did the Genesis Vision Partnership with EXANTE? 

Genesis Vision has already integrated with several Forex brokers, as well as crypto exchanges; however, the new partner broker called EXANTE seems to have the most firepower when it comes to the choice of various assets and derivatives. EXANTE was founded in Malta in 2011 and has quickly expanded to being present in Singapore, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Cyprus and the UK, as well as headquarters in Malta.

EXANTE is heavily regulated by several financial institutions such as the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC) and is also governed by MiFID and authorized by the FCA. 

Versatility is where EXANTE shines the most. The broker offers more than 50,000 financial products, which include derivatives for all tastes. With this integration, EXANTE grants Genesis Vision managers access to over 10,000 stocks & ETFs, over 50 currency pairs, over 30 global futures markets, and much, much more, giving them the most significant increase in the number of available assets in the history of the platform. 

Unlike many other brokers, EXANTE provides direct market access (DMA) to over 50 different financial markets and exchanges. It includes the famous giants like NASDAQ and The London Stock Exchange. Genesis Vision managers will have a direct way to interact with order books of over 50 global exchanges. It lowers the latency, transaction costs and gives them a higher level of control over the final execution. EXANTE’s server network consists of over 400 servers all around the world. It ensures the lowest latencies and safe data transfers.

Genesis Vision Managers Can Access 10 000 Assets 

The trading process carried out through EXANTE’s proprietary state-of-the-art trading platform. It supported on every device, including a web platform, Windows, macOS or Linux, iOS and Android. 

As of right now, the integration of EXANTE and Genesis Vision already completed. Genesis Vision managers have started sifting through the list of over 10 000 assets to find instruments to their liking. If you are an investor looking for a skilled manager to diversify your portfolio, then register on the Genesis Vision platform to choose the manager that meets your aims and requirements. 

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