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Jacob Maas

14 November 2017

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Was Genesis Vision ICO success or failure?


From founders’ perspective was Genesis Vision ICO success or failure? Just last month I nominated Genesis Vision as probably the best ICO of October 2017. We have less than 24 hours to go until the end of the Genesis Vision ICO. Thus, I would like to bring my interview with Dmitry Nazarov of Genesis Vision to your attention.

At what stage is the Genesis Vision platform?

Dmitry Nazarov Genesis Vision ICO success DN: “Genesis Vision platform is still under the development. During the ICO we have released the demo application, which is available in Google Play and allows to take a look on the interfaces and track your real GVT balance.

To answer your question, “Was Genesis Vision ICO success or failure?” I can say that, we are on track with our roadmap and we are going to release the first version by the end of Q1 2018. It will include the Ethereum smart contracts core, integration with MT4 and client applications for investors and managers.”

I am excited to see the Genesis Vision platform in Q1! What is the biggest accomplishment of Genesis Vision team since the ICO began?

DN: “The biggest problem that we were worried about, preparing this ICO half a year ago, was a lack of contacts and connections in the cruptocurrency world, since all our team members have more of a traditional financial markets backgrounds. But during the ICO we got a huge amount of support from the blockchain community.

Co-founder of Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Shrem, CEO of Changelly Konstantin Gladych, Demetrios Zamboglou and Ioannis Menelaou from Lykke, founder of theCoinPortal Yagub Rahimov have joined our advisory board and share our vision. In general, we believe that cryptocyrrency word is much more open and applicable for us. And this is the great achievement for Genesis Vision. This will allow us to increase the pace of development and integration of our platform.”

What can investors expect immediately after the ICO?

DN: “After the ICO we will have a period of active development, and we’ll put most part of our efforts towards delivering our promises. However, we will still be in touch with our community and investors and we’ll keep them updated on our progress. Additionally, we’ll continue working on exchange listings, making our token even more liquid, and on preliminary agreements with brokerages and exchanges, who will become the first users of our platform immediately after the launch.”

What is your GVT token price forecast?

DN: “As a team we don't make any price predictions, since the token price will be determined by demand. However, our token will be an essential part of Genesis Vision platform operation. The market that we aim for is huge and greatly exceeds current market capitalization of our token. That’s why we can see significant potential here.”

Indeed, analyzing Genesis Vision’s activities, we can see that the team was rather conservative with their operations. In my previous talk with the team, I learnt that they needed 1.5 MLN – 3 MLN to develop their project. Indeed, they have already accomplished their targets.

Was Genesis Vision ICO success? I would say definitely! The good news is that, you still have time to take advantage of this great project. With just a few millions of tokens available, demand for GVT should appreciate once the project goes live with Genesis Vision platform.  I personally believe that, after 3 months GVT tokens could rally and hit the price of $5 or higher due to limit they have but this is my personal opinion.  See the Genesis Vision ICO page here.

Dmitry Nazarov ICO Genesis Vision

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