Genesis Vision Asset Management Platform Is Now Live

The Genesis Vision asset management platform for the private trust management market, built on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts is now available for use. What does the platform offer?

November 12, 2018 | AtoZ Markets - Genesis Vision is an asset management platform, where experienced asset managers compete in delivering the highest profits to their investors. It was launched only recently, on the 1st of November.

Transparency Matters in the Asset Management Industry

Despite the fact that the asset management industry has existed for a long time, it has shown no signs of progress over the course of the last few decades. The introduction of the Internet has helped asset management to go online, but it failed to address the most glaring issues such as the lack of investors’ trust and transparency.

Even the most advanced asset management platforms struggle to attract clients due to the concealed trading histories and systems of profit distribution. One platform with a completely transparent view of all the trading operations is something that the industry desperate need.

This is where Genesis Vision steps in and to provide full transparency, Genesis Vision decided to utilize the technology of blockchain and smart contracts. The Genesis Vision platform records all of the trading histories into the blockchain, where it can be easily verified.
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This combination of technologies has allowed Genesis Vision to secure the authenticity of trading results on the level of programming code. Blockchain not only allows the investors to be fully confident in the results, but it also lets the investors double-check the trading history of the manager.

What Genesis Vision Has in Store for You

The Genesis Vision platform has two different investment products, with one of them being investment programs, and the other one being GV Funds. Both of them resemble already established investment solutions.

Investment programs work in a similar fashion like PAMM accounts; an investor looks for a suitable investment program, that is first created by the manager. If the investor is satisfied with such an investment program, he can invest his funds there and they will end up on a managers trading balance. The manager trades for the duration of his reporting period, and in the end, all of his total profit or loss is proportionally shared between all of his investors.

GV Funds, in turn, resemble mutual funds where a manager creates a portfolio made up of different assets, funded by investors. In contrary to investment programs, GV Funds don’t require a manager’s active participation.

A manager can only adjust his portfolio, while the profit is received from the organic price growth of assets included in the fund. Investors will be able to start investing in GV Funds, starting from November 15th.

Asset Management at Your Fingertips

Genesis Vision platform is also available on both Android and iOS platforms. The mobile application supports the full functionality of the web portal. Furthermore, it has extra security features like a Touch ID.

Genesis Vision Network

On the day of the platform launch, the Genesis Vision team also announced its future project that was previously foreshadowed by the company. The next step in the evolution of the project is our decentralized exchange called Genesis Vision Network.

As it is laid out in the project’s whitepaper, Genesis Vision Network is going to be a decentralized exchange, where the speed of execution and low latency will be secured with the help of two simultaneously working blockchains. This would allow a decentralized exchange to rival its centralized counterparts in the speed and quality of the service provided and unite benefits from both parties.

The creation of such an exchange requires a mineable token, so the team carried out a decision to create a new token called GVN, which will be distributed among all of the Genesis Vision Token holders in the form of an airdrop. The exact details will be released closer to the day of the token minting.

The Next Step

Genesis Vision platform represents a promising step forward in the asset management industry. Transparency and authenticity associated with blockchain and smart contracts seem to have found a perfect use case in an ecosystem that is based on trust. If you want to check out the platform as an investor, you can register using this link.

If you are an experienced trader seeking additional ways to monetize your skillset, you can register on the Genesis Vision platform as a manager. The platform offers very competitive conditions, where managers can set the sizes of their fees individually. 

You can catch up on all of the Genesis Vision news by visiting their Medium blog and check out their website The team is also attending Finance Magnates London Summit this November, where you can meet them at booth 18, come and say hello!

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