Gatecoin Phishing scam warning: Email Fraud circulation

The regulated cryptocurrency trading platform, Gatecoin warns against fraudulent emails. The Gatecoin Phishing scam warning reveals how frauds are operating and what traders should do to prevent from being scammed.

24 November, AtoZForex – The Bitcoin exchange Gatecoin announced a warning today to all of its users. After the online cryptocurrency trading platform received several reports of fraudulent emails being sent by a person or group of people under the name “Samantha Anderson”. Fraudsters sent the emails from numerous of Gmail and Hotmail accounts.

Details of Gatecoin Phishing scam warning

The imposters sending the emails claim to be an HR representative from Gatecoin. Also, they offer employment opportunities in Canada and requested confidential information. Moreover, they request personal information that is confidential from individuals to redeem these fake job offers.

Furthermore, they mentioned they don't have any offices or operations in Canada. While, Gatecoin is not considering to expand its operations in the near-term. Thus, they are not hiring in Canada, and they mentioned a link where all job opportunities are listed which are all based in their offices in Hong Kong.

Moreover, Gatecoin mentioned that all emails sent from an or accounts claiming to represent Gatecoin are fraudulent. Gatecoin mentioned that these emails are likely to be a phishing scam and they are fake.

What does Gatecoin advise investors?

Gatecoin listed some advice to avoid being a victim of a phishing scam. They advise investors to be suspicious of any company that asks for confidential personal information through an email. Also, they advise to not reply to this kind of emails or even open the links in the email.

The online Bitcoin trading platform stated in their warning that only emails send from addresses are authentic. Additionally, they said they would only send out emails related to employment from They added that emails could be sent directly from the person responsible for hiring who will have an email with account.

Other measures, traders can take to prevent a scam

Additionally, Gatecoin advises investors to directly contact the company or visit the website to confirm the information. Especially, in case of doubt about the authenticity of the email and the traders to want verify the action requested in the email.

Finally, Gatecoin advises investors to try read the email as plain text. Because phishing emails are likely to have images such as logos that look authorized, but are actually fake.

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