FXDD Option Trader V6.0 upgrade

FXDD Option Trader V6.0, FXDD, Currency Mountain Holdings, Option trading platform, upgradeInterestingly, a few weeks ago the leading international online FX brokerage, FXDD Global has launched its offshore and unregulated trading subsidiary in Bermuda. While the rational behind the launch of an unregulated branch was questioned, especially with the horrid SNB fresh in our memories, FXDD has made another announcement today. In a contrasting release by FXDD Global, the global forex dealer has just announced it’s latest release of their option trading platform, which goes by the name FXDD Option Trader V6.0.

The Malta headquartered FXDD is effectively a subsidiary of Currency Mountain Holdings and with it’s newly upgraded option trading platform, the firm boasts multiple added benefits for their international clients. Varying from improved portfolios of technologies and tools that are currently available to their traders, but also the supports upon risk management and trading strategies has been enhanced.

In more detail, the FXDD Option Trader V6.0 provides additional standard tenors, strike prices, custom expiries and the new overnight options for it’s international option traders. Alongside with some of these new features, the upgraded platform extends the analytics and option strategy tools for further simplified trades with the Direct Strategy Execution, also abbreviated as DSE. Last but not least, the upgraded version offers an innovative dynamic margin tool that us integrated with market volatility, which will grants traders with increased positive options leverage.

Evidently, the executive director of FXDD Global, Mr. Lubomir Kanetu is highly satisfied with the upgraded options trading platform. In a comment, he clarifies the impact of FXDD Option Trader V6.0: "This upgraded options trading platform demonstrates and reaffirms our commitment to offering international traders best-in-class features. Options are a great tool for generating alpha and hedging overall exposure in the markets, and we want to make sure our international trading clients have all the tools and resources they need to be successful."

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