40 Future Forex Leaders under 40: Meet Silvia Larrosa

AtoZForex 40 Future Forex Leaders under 40 interviews aim to identify current industry players with a potential to become Future Forex Industry Leaders. Meet Silvia Larrosa, she is nominated for the Future Forex Business Development Leader category;

21 September, AtoZForex – The Forex industry is unique and built on a decentralized system, one of the key players in the market are the retail Forex brokers. The professionals working in this segment of the industry are often overlooked or stay on the sidelines. Hence, AtoZ Forex has decided to put these professionals in the spotlight and nominated 40 Future Forex Leaders under 40. These industry specialists have the potential to become the future leaders of the industry and are acknowledged for their achievements.

Meet Silvia Larrosa, she is one of these hard-working individuals, who started her career in the Forex market in 2013. After three years of working in the competitive industry, Silvia is now the Business Development Manager at City Credit Capital and manages customer relations, business development and sales across Latin America. What can we learn from her success?

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Quyen: What is your biggest motivation in life?

Silvia Larrosa: "The greatest motivation in my life is to raise my twins. My goal is to teach them good values and do everything it takes to let them succeed in society. Only then, I can consider myself to be a proud mother. To fulfill this goal, I will need to set a good example, develop my career and become successful."

Quyen: What brought you to the Forex market

Silvia Larrosa: "The Forex market has always interested me; it’s a volatile type of investment that can change a person’s life over a night, depending on the market situation of course. It is because of my interests and curiosity in the industry that led to the start of a career in Forex. After graduating from the University “De La Republica”, I searched for a job in the Forex market. In 2013, I landed a job at a large broker that matched my skills and interests."

Quyen: What was your biggest challenge during the first two years?

Silvia Larrosa: "In the beginning, it was quite a challenge for me to achieve the expected results and meet my personal goals within the pre-set time frames. It was hard for me and it demanded literally 24/7 of effort. In the end, I developed myself and managed to deliver great results, while also attained my personal goals."

Quyen: How did you overcome this challenge, what was your secret to success?

Silvia Larrosa: "I figured that is all about a perfect work-life balance, in order to obtain success in your career on the long-term. I learned that it requires perseverance, planning and flexibility to achieve this. At first it was hard for me to adapt, while my short-term goals were not met on time. But towards the end of the second year, I accelerated in my performance. Noticing that it was easier to achieve results if I improved myself on these factors."

Quyen: What is the biggest achievement you have had so far?

Silvia Larrosa: "Continuing from my previous point; on how important it is to have a balanced work-life setting. I am confident to say that this is my biggest achievement I have had so far. Not only I am successful at work, but I am also happy with the results in my personal life. Especially, being able to take good care of my twins. This provides me mentally a positive boost, which pushes my performances in a competitive working environment."

Quyen: Is there anyone that you can look back and say hey if it was not him/her I would not be here today?

Silvia Larrosa: "Yes, there are several persons in my career, whom I am grateful for their support and help. One person in particular is Yagub Rahimov. I met him over two years ago in Cyprus. He has helped me to grow professionally and personally, without him I would not be the industry specialist as I am today."

Quyen: Which goals have you set for your career?

Silvia Larrosa: "Having graduated from the University “De La Republica”, my aim is to further develop the LatAm regions in terms of providing proper education and knowledge about the Forex market. Other goals that I have set are of course related to the company that I am currently working for, the firm's objectives deal with expansion."

Quyen: I know you are not allowed to trade, but having been in the industry for such a long time now, what is the biggest recommendation you can give to traders?

Silvia Larrosa: "Through the years, I have developed a great understanding of the market. It is continuously changing and traders will have to be flexible and adapt. From my perspective as a coach, the psychological factors play a bigger role in trading, ranging from anxiety to greed. My advice for the traders is to develop self-control and always stick to your trading strategy." 

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