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Kristina Frunze

21 April 2017

Forex Announcements

French election NordFX impact: Don't give in to Rumors and Panic


French election is already taking place this Sunday! AtoZForex reached out to NordFX inquiring about their precautions ahead of this event. Today, we talk about French election NordFX impact.

21 April, AtoZForex – The looming French election has been weighing on EUR for some time right now. Also, some experts believe that the shared currency could drop to $1 or below in case of Marine Le Pen French election victory. Also, European markets are experiencing a wave of turmoil related to UK snap election.

Following on this,'s team has been contacting and interviewing Forex brokers internationally, with the aim to get their view on the market ahead the French election. Furthermore, we have received inquiries from our readers about the brokers' risk management precautions. Following up with NordFX, below I have summarized the key highlights of French election NordFX impact and risk management interview.

French election NordFX impact and risk management

Kristina Frunze: "Is NordFX planning to raise margin requirements or have any leverage change?"

NordFX's research team: "We know that many brokers tighten their marginal requirements. But we do not think that we need to introduce any restrictions or special hot lines because of these elections, we will work as usual."

Don't give in to Rumors and Panic

Kristina Frunze: "What is your research team’s projection and analysis for the major pairs on the upcoming elections?"

NordFX's research team: "Perhaps, these elections can bring some surprises. But they do not decide whether   France leaves the EU or not. And there might be a referendum on this issue someday, or not. Therefore, our analysts do not expect any dramatic global changes in the foreign exchange market.

There will be short-term speculation on the news, but we do not expect any turning points. And most likely, there will be a second round on May 7."

Why should traders consider NordFX?

Kristina Frunze: "Thank you for the insightful analysis on EURUSD and portraying the impact of the possible French election outcome. To conclude the interview can you sum up in brief, why traders should consider NordFX?"

NordFX's research team: "According to The Forex Awards, our company has been named the Most Reliable Broker 2016. We went through the Swiss franc "Black Thursday" and through the Brexit without losses, and there is no reason for the elections in France to shake the reliability of NordFX and cause unrest to our clients."

Do you have questions related to the French election NordFX impact or the EURUSD analysis? Let us know in the comments section below.

NordFX French election

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