Four People Arrested in Turkey for Smuggling 501 Bitcoin Miners

$600,00p worth of illegal Bitcoin miners have been seized by customs officials in Turkey resulting in the arrest of four suspected smugglers.

May 14, 2021, | AtoZ Markets – Turkish customs confiscated a record shipment of smuggled ASIC miners worth 5 million Turkish lira ($600,000), according to a local media report.

Police found 501 bitcoin mining devices illegally imported into the country in a warehouse in the city of Izmir. As part of the investigation, four suspects were detained.

Another active smuggling operation is being carried out in Istanbul.

Recall that in early May, Turkey tightened the requirements for the verification of users of bitcoin exchanges and obliged the latter to report transactions worth more than $1200. This happened after two large trading platforms closed at once in April.

On April 20, the Thodex exchange unexpectedly stopped trading, citing first technical work and then the transfer of the business to a new partner. As part of the investigation of the alleged exit scam, 62 people were detained.

Farouk Fatih Ozero's CEO was put on the wanted list. The court later arrested six people associated with Thodex, including relatives of the head of the platform.

On April 26, the Turkish crypto exchange Vebitcoin ceased operations due to financial difficulties. The country's authorities blocked the platform's accounts and arrested four people associated with the company.

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