Forex Careers: Forex Broker Job hunting tips

In general when seeking a job, most aspirants hope to have returns that make their efforts worthwhile. It is no different when seeking Forex Career with a reliable Forex broker. Numerous traders and fresh graduates dream of working in the Forex industry as it can be extremely thrilling. Meanwhile, the dream involves a salary and of course a fat monthly commission.

At its heart, the Forex industry is run by money and it is clearly highlighted by the fact that the average daily trading volume of Forex reached 5.5 Trillion dollars globally, making it highly appealing in a monetary sense. As a part of the Forex industry, various appealing opportunities may present themselves such as the opportunities to travel, earn substantial commissions, oversee exponential growth, build a global reputation and more.

Yet, many traders or interested individuals that are looking for a job at a Forex broker don't know where to start. Or already have unsuccessfully attempted to get employed by a Forex broker for months! For these applications, I have assembled a list of tips and tricks to get you that dream job at a Forex broker.

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How to Kick Start Your Forex Career

Forex brokers are constantly on the lookout for fresh minds to aid in the growth of their business and eventually client base. In an attempt to secure this workforce, regular career listings are posted onto the broker’s official website - under “careers” or similar sections, bringing the aspirant into direct contact with the firm.

Another tool that is often used is the AtoZMarkets careers page. This online tool lists various available jobs that are relevant to the Forex industry. It is frequently updated and is not limited to listing only AtoZMarkets jobs.

The Power of LinkedIn

How to get a job often involves LinkedIn as a pioneer in the field of professional network connectivity and of course the Forex industry is surely utilizing this tool extensively. Therefore, all applicants need to use this tool to increase their odds of getting a job at the desired Forex broker. If you don't have a LinkedIn account yet by now, then create one immediately. For those applicants that already have a profile on LinkedIn, it would be a wise idea to update and add relevant Forex keywords on their profiles.

Another tip could be joining the many existing Forex and financial groups in LinkedIn or even going beyond this and connecting with HR managers from various brokers.

When it comes to group, remember, you are there to engage! At the end if you are not noticed, you do not exist for recruiters. So, once you have been accepted to these groups, start sharing your analysis or related posts about the industry in the groups on a daily basis.

Increase your Social Media exposure

The majority of Forex brokers are increasingly turning to social media to advertise their vacancies due to the sheer volume of individuals present on them. Facebook, twitter, and others are such platforms that provide a large audience base to whom the vacancies can be advertised - eventually attracting a large applicant pool that could be drilled down to select perfect fits for the final stages of the employment procedure.

If you are still wondering about how to get a job at a Forex broker, you must understand that like in every industry Forex industry will almost always require a sound basis of subject knowledge and commendable experience as well. This is especially applicable for those who end up in those of very likely sales positions, where candidates are required to call and communicate to traders on consistent basis.

Hence, start posting related matters about Forex in the social media platforms. Build an audience and increase your exposure as an expert in the field. In this way, you will gain the competitive edge for employment at a Forex broker and increase your network with valuable contacts.

Talk to Recruiters

This section is commonly utilized by those people currently employed with Forex brokers especially in London and in Cyprus as there is a lack of high quality personnel in the industry. So, if you consider yourself as a high end candidate look for Forex recruitment companies. Being free of charge for candidates, these recruitment agencies often charge brokers 1 month of salary, thus they are interested in making sure that they find reliable candidates for their customers.

Applicants should bare in mind though, that they do not become clients but Forex Brokers are! So, watch your language when you are talking to these recruiters.

Ask Your FX Account Manager

This is probably the most overseen option. Outsiders are likely to be unaware of the fact that many Forex brokers have a commission structure for their own employees if they help in finding a reliable candidate, especially for sales positions.

Especially if you are working as an IB or an Affiliate you stand a better chance to land on your Forex Job if you ask your account manager or your retention manager. Just be nice and talk about the company and fish for the word from your "insider friend" about how to get a job with your broker firm.

If you still struggle in landing on your dream job, you can also contact AtoZ Careers team and we will do our best to help you.

Do you have other handy or effective tips? Let us know down in the comments section.

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