FED is hiking the rates today! Another SNB style crisis?

In an incredibly shocking move, FOMC Member Williams scheduled to speak by 1:00 pm GMT today is expected to be joined by Fed Chair, Janet Yellen to announce a shocking rate hike today, the exact rate is unknown, but we do know that the decision was fuelled by high optimism in the economy by the FED.

The FED is hiking the rates today! Consensus in the Fed committee is that the “law of diminishing returns’’ may set in if policies are not adjusted in good time to meet the economic situation. Continuous growth is expected to follow the decision. Also, some other policies are expected to accompany this to ensure maximum economic stability. We patiently anticipate FED rate hikes to be confirmed today.

The signs have been written on the wall as both Fed chair Yellen and Vice chair Stanley Fischer’s speech last week served spell this out, that the Feds are “widely expected” to commence raising U.S. interest rates this year, as policymakers chose to decide on subsequent policy tightening or loosening on a meeting-to-meeting basis. Citing significant economic progress and a very strong labor market, also speaking of the possible negative effects of the stronger dollar. Could we experience another SNB style crisis when the decision scheduled for release today is confirmed? All eyes on the dollar!

We hope that sent some chills through your spine and was entertaining enough to be an April fools prank!

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