FCA warns public against Grey Corporate Partners

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In the never ending exercise of market monitoring, the Financial Conduct Authority has red flagged an unauthorised financial entity that is suspiciously targeting retail traders within the UK watchdog’s jurisdiction. Therefore, the FCA warns public against Grey Corporate Partners.

From the official press release of the FCA, the financial regulator clarified in full detail that Grey Corporate Partners is not licensed nor authorised under: the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 – FSMA”, to provide any financial services to the public in the UK. Interestingly, when assessing the contact details of the firm, Grey Corporate Partners is located in the United States. For further clarification and awareness of the unauthorized firm, the FCA has listed all the details of Grey Corporate Partners on its website. In order to provide convenience, below one can find these details:

Warned Financial Entity
Firm reference number: NONE
Address 1: 1501 Broadway, New York, NY 10036,USA
Tel: (+)1 777 889483
(+)1 646 7129366
(+)1 770 3223783
Email: info@greycorppartners.com
Website: www.greycorppartners.com

Beware of unauthorised financial entities within the market, as it will expose you to much higher risk, whilst restrict you from any investors protection of the regulator or other instances. For the safety and protection, the FCA advocates any given trader to advice the extensive list of unauthorised firms first, prior engaging with the financial entity.

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