FCA Marks Tradixa and Bitcoinmarketscap as Unauthorized

The FCA marks two new entities as unauthorized, Tradixa and Bitcoinmarketscap. Moreover, these two entities claim to offer foreign exchange trading without authorization in the United Kingdom.

21 February, 2020 | AtoZ Markets –  The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) still remains vigilant in its fight against potential scams in the financial sector, with the regulator updating its warning list this Friday. However, UK FCA has published information on two unregulated companies. Moreover, the names of the latest companies marks to the FCA's unauthorized list are Tradixa and Bitcoinmarketscap. Moreover, these two entities are not authorized to offer financial services in the United Kingdom.

UK FCA Warns Against Tradixa and Bitcoinmarketscap

Only FCA provide license almost all companies and people who offer, promote or sell financial services or products in the UK. The regulator also said: 

However, some companies act without permission, and some knowingly practice investment scams. Those two companies are not authorized by us and target people in the UK. Based on the information we hold, we also believe that those companies carry out regulated activities which require authorization.


The regulator has provided the following details of Tradixa:

Multibank Review
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Capital.com Review
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xm.com Review
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  • Telephone: +44-2038-079-312
  • Email: support@tradixa.com
  • Website: https://www.tradixa.com

According to its website, Tradixa claims to be an online trading provider, offering a range of assets such as currencies (forex), commodities, stocks and indices. 

“One of the main concerns of online marketers is the security of large transactions of money on the Internet. Tradixa believes that the security of its clients’ funds is also the foundation of the company’s values. Moreover, every effort is made to maintain this security and the integrity of its trading platforms.”

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The details of Bitcoinmarketscap are as follows:

  • Address: Floor 8 Devonshire House 1 Mayfair Place, London, England W1J 8AJ, United Kingdom
  • Telephone: (44) 208 089 0716; +44-2038088425; 02034985374; 0203 895 2955; 0203 695 3215
  • Email: support@bitcoinmarketscap.com; daniel.g@bitcoinmarketscap.com; Ken.m@bitcoinmarketscap.com; Kyle.a@bitcoinmarketscap.com; adam.r@bitcoinmarketscap.com; alex.g@bitcoinmarketscap.com; Charles.b@bitcoinmarketscap.com; Bejamin.s@bitcoinmarketscap.com
  • Website: https://bitcoinmarketscap.com

According to its website, BitcoinMarketsCap is also a robust online trading platform, offering trading with CFDs on Forex on Bitcoins, Litecoins, indices, precious metals and energy.

“At BitcoinMarketsCap, we offer you the environment and the conditions necessary to develop in your area of ​​expertise. We appreciate and respect our traders and regard them as our most important asset, our present and our future.”

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