FCA Flags 4TFX as Unauthorized Forex Trading Platform

Is 4TFX scam or reliable? The FCA has warned against this firm in another tireless effort to crack down on unregulated brokerages.

November 30, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – British regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has continued its ongoing efforts to warn the general public against fraudulent and unauthorized entities. Particularly, the City watchdog today warned against a Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading broker 4TFX.

“rade over 200 CFD assets from across the globe with instant, high-speed access Forex, cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Commodities and Indices through our unique trading platform” the broker claims.

Is 4TFX scam or reliable? FCA warning

Today’s announcement is the latest in the FCA’s series of warnings about unregulated firms posing ‎as legitimate, approved businesses to con UK consumers into making payments for ‎investment services.‎

4TFX is not based in the UK, but it is targeting British investors by offering them FX trading services.  However, according to the warning, the broker is doing so without having the required authorization. The following details were provided about the suspicious firm:

Telephone: +44 208 089 9314

Email: Finance@4tfx.com; Support@4tfx.com

Website: https://4tfx.com

So you need to be wary

Unauthorized FX brokers are becoming common in the industry, as fraudsters have grown increasingly resourceful in recent years. A commonly adopted tactic is for scammers to advertise an illegal operation as a reputable brand or entity. They do this in order to dupe unsuspecting investors into parting with their personal details or cash.

For example, an FX broker called Budsfx was also blacklisted by the UK’s watchdog after the company claimed that it operated ‎with an FCA license. The regulator, however, clarified that the ‎company does not have any valid license to provide ‎investment services in the country.‎

Echoing previous warnings, the FCA ignores that unauthorized brokers continue to promote unregulated investments, ‎taking money from the general public, and the regulator is ‎powerless to do anything.

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