Andreas Antonopoulos destroys fake German Bitcoin co-founder Jorg Molt | On Thursday Kenneth Bosak tweeted his video confronting Jorg Molt, a German National claiming to be Bitcoin Co-founder. Today, Andreas Antonopoulos destroys German Fake-Satoshi Jorg Molt, tweeting that the picture Jorg Molt is using does not mean he knows him.

So, what is the story about the new German Satoshi?

Jorg Molt speaking at the World Crypto Conference

Cryptocurrency event, World Crypto Conference which took place in Las Vegas between 29-31 October, last week. Many well-known blockchain community influencers were among the speakers. However, one of the speakers caught the attention of Kenneth Bosak. The event showed and presented this person as Bitcoin Co-Founder. Born in 1972 in Kiel, Germany Jorg Molt took the stage as the Bitcoin Co-founder.

We should inform our readers that the World Crypto Conference has taken the profile of Jorg Molt off their website after the incident.

Andreas Antonopoulos Jorg Molt Affiliation

The drama became more intense when Andreas Antonopoulos jumped into the Germany Satoshi discussion. Jorg Molt has been using a selfie with Andreas to create credibility for his story.

Andreas took twitter by storm, with series of twits:

“Apparently, a German person called "Jorg Molt" has been showing a selfie taken with me and telling people that we are friends

This is a LIE. I don't know him at all.

I have heard from others that he claims to be the founder of Bitcoin and has thousands of BTC. A LIE.

If you are a conference organizer, you need to be very skeptical of these claims and avoid putting people like this on stage.

If you are approached by Jorg Molt and told he is my friend, or shown other photos to create fake association, walk away. Then warn others.

If you are asked to invest or give Jorg Molt money, be very very careful. This person has lied before and will likely be lying to you again. There are many SCAMMERS in this space - always be skeptical about claims made by strangers

Many of the people who have read my books or attended a university course or seminar where I teach, want to take a photo. I always say yes. It doesn't mean I know them. I will not stop taking photos with my readers and students because of a few scammers taking advantage

If you try to use my reputation to boost your reputation fraudulently, I will use my reputation to reveal your fraud.”

Jorg Molt claims to have 250,000 Bitcoin

During the conference, Jorg Molt claimed that he owns over 250,000 Bitcoins. He further continued that he has been involved with Bitcoin since its inception. However, the strange thing is that none of the early Bitcoin community members have every hear of his name.

But it should not be an issue. In 2017 September 17, Jorg Molt was speaking at the Omnia Official Launch, where he said that Satoshi invented Bitcoin that they were not able to priory.

You see, even in his book, the German Satoshi has mentioned that stories are fictional. So, is this German Satoshi founder of Bitcoin and everything else a good showman or delusional?

Worst part? His ex-wife (not confirmed) published a youtube video in November of 2018, warning of Jorg Molt and his scam. According to the video, the infamous German Bitcoin co-founder has 4 children from 3 wives. However, he has failed to pay any child benefits multiple times. As a result, he has been convicted by German law enforcement previously.

Who is Jorg Molt?

According to various sources, Jorg Molt’s real name was Jörg Örtl. He was born in a Northern German town of Kiel in 1971. According to his Xing profile (German professional networking social media similar to LinkedIn), Jorg worked in the entertainment industry.

His highest study degree was Private music and event management school between 1997 and 2002. He played music at weddings as a part of the “Trio Gnadenlos” band.

Since 2016 Jorg has been preaching about cryptocurrencies, but not as an evangelist! He has been asking for investments for projects.

He finally deleted his Twitter after Andreas publicly marking him as a fake Bitcoin co-founder.

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