Fake Facebook Libra coins start before release

June 25, 2019 | AtoZ Markets The crypto community has recently reported about scammers, who are using the fake website to offer fake Facebook Libra coins. 

Fake Facebook Libra coin sale through the mirror of the official website 

The crypto scammers alert was delivered by the Reddit users. The community states, the fake Facebook Libra coins are offered by the impersonators of a legitimate Libra coin sharing platform- Calibra.com.

The latter is a subsidiary of Facebook, Inc. but operates independently from the social media giant. As the Reddit users report, the scammers have changed only one letter on their website’s title, which is Calìbra.com compared to the original Calibra.com. When trying to visit Calìbra.com website, MetaMask restricts access to the page, stating about “Ethereum Phishing Detection”.

The scammers not only have hidden the original name in the name of their website but also on their website’s homepage.

As the Reddit community noted, the fake website takes users to a landing page that claims to have completed the pre-sale by ninety-three percent (93%) and offers the currency through Ethereum.

It is worth to mention, that the original Libra presale website is still in undergoing building process. On the contrary, the Calìbra.com website which offers fake Facebook Libra coins has a right-hand call to action button which says Pre-Sale Libra Currency.

The original website asks the user to “Get Started” with the currency and takes to a coming soon page. The rates offered for fake Facebook Libra coins pre-sale is 2 ETH for six hundred (600) Libra tokens; six hundred dollars (600$) with a twenty-five percent (25%) bonus. Whereas, twenty (20) ETH tokens can get you eight thousand (8000) Libra tokens.

Is Facebook Libra coin reputation in danger?

Since its introduction this summer, the Facebook Libra coin has already gained a lot of attention from the national regulators worldwide. Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England expressed his opinion on the potential utility of the Facebook Libra coin, alluding that England examines Facebook crypto. The Governor noted, the new Facebook product could face strict regulation.

Francois Villeroy de Galhau, the Governor of Bank of France, has also revealed that France plans to form the G7 crypto task force to examine regulatory issues related to cryptos, including Libra. 

On July 16, the US Senate will hear the testimony on Facebook’s Libra coin that is expected to be launched in 2020. 

Could the fake Facebook Libra coins presale become a real threat to the company’s reputation? 

Most of the crypto enthusiasts believe,  the sheer size of the social media giant and it’s presence across the globe, is unlikely to be affected badly by one fake website. 

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