Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Outage – What’s the reason?

For more than six hours, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp suffered a major outage that took the services offline Monday. Why did the apps used by billions of people worldwide blink out?

Facebook and Instagram, as well as the WhatsApp messenger, have fully recovered after a massive outage on Monday. According to Facebook representatives, the reason for the outage was due to a change in the configuration of the backbone routers, which are responsible for coordinating traffic between the company’s data centers.

The company also said it had no evidence that user data had been compromised as a result of the crash. Earlier, the media reported that the personal information of more than 1.5 billion Facebook users is sold on the forum on the darknet.

However, later it became known that the data was obtained by scraping and had nothing to do with hacking and stopping the work of the social network.

The financial impact of the outage

Against the background of their inaccessibility, the load on other sites has significantly increased, which is why they also started having problems in their work – Telegram confirmed that the messenger began to work a little slower due to the influx of WhatsApp users.

The Facebook crash also had an impact on finances – Facebook shares fell 4.89%, and Mark Zuckerberg lost about $6 billion.

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