Exness uses China F1 GP to impress IBs

China is the worlds most populous country as well as the second largest economy, making it a fast developing nation in terms of technology and market developments. For these good reasons, the country is a highly popular target for many FX brokerages, seeking to bind clients, partners and affiliates.

In light of these known facts, Exness is utilising its affiliation with the formula one champions to attract more business, since the brokerage is a major sponsor of four time champion Infiniti Red Bull Racing team. The globally known brokerage achieves this goal by inviting affiliates and introducers to meet with the company’s representatives. These planned meetings with Chinese partners are enacted to discuss opportunities for further collaboration, all taking place during the Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix, which will be held in Shanghai on the 12th of April.

It serves as an opportunity for EXNESS partners to enjoy not only the practice and qualification sessions, but also to attend the main race attraction. Furthermore, Exness serves the exclusive opportunity to meet the Infiniti Red Bull Racing representatives in a personal setting. Therefore, creating a very unique chance for its partners to experience the China F1 Grand Prix like no else before. Marking a very resourceful strategy, as Exness uses China F1 GP to impress IBs.

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Last but not least, according to Exness' announcement, will the event serves an extraneous benefit to all EXNESS clients. In case the client decides to participate with the brokerage's one-of-a-kind "10% of Equity" promo, then as a result EXNESS client will receive extra funds on their account. However there is one condition inclined to this promotion; the 10% extra funds will only be honoured when the IRBR team wins the China F1 Grand Prix.

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