Exmo Crypto Exchange Hacked, Halts All Withdrawal

EXMO crypto exchange has suspended withdrawals after hackers stole 5% of assets from hot wallets. Exchange representatives, however, assured of coverage of all losses.

December 21, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – EXMO cryptocurrency exchange has frozen the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies after detecting an abnormal withdrawal of funds from exchange wallets to unknown addresses. The trading platform announced this on its official website.

"An internal security audit showed that the withdrawal affected hot wallets BTC , XRP , ZEC, USDT, ETC and ETH, which is about 5 percent of total assets," the announcement said.

EXMO hacked but funds are safe

For the first time, the exchange identified suspicious transactions on December 21 at 05:27 GMT.

EXMO claims that they immediately reacted to the incident and withdrew the remaining funds from the hacked hot wallets. The exchange also assured that it will cover all damage from its own insurance fund:

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"We assure you that in the event that users have lost funds, EXMO will fully compensate the damage from its own insurance fund."

Based on the results of an internal audit, EXMO representatives were able to identify the wallets to which the attacker transferred funds:

  • USDT ( ERC20 ) - 0xa910f92acdaf488fa6ef02174fb86208ad7722ba
  • ETH - 0x4BA6B2fF35055aF5406923406442cD3aB29F50Ce
  • BTC - 1A4PXZE5j8v7UuapYckq6fSegmY5i8uUyq
  • ZEC - t1StUQiw1YyHT515xDxwxjfhEcw2iGSq2yL
  • XRP - rwU8rAiE2eyEPz3sikfbHuqCuiAtdXqa2v (tag 2033412069)
  • ETC - 0x4d9EF6846126Da2867AF503448be0508542C971e

EXMO called for the blocking of accounts associated with the above addresses and also reported informing the London police of the incident.

EXMO Business Development Director Maria Stankevich said the exchange was conducting an investigation and also stressed that the assets in cold storage are “safe”.

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