Ex-Google Developer Joins Ripple as the Vice President of Products

Amir Sarhangi, the former developer at Google, has reportedly joined Ripple as the Vice President of products. He will lead Ripple’s global payments network, RippleNet.

29 October 2018 – In the latest news, the company behind the third biggest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap, Ripple, hired an ex-senior developer at Google’s new wireless messaging service. He joined Ripple as the Vice President of products. 

Former Google Developer Leaves to Manage RippleNet

The US tech company that supports Ripple has informed the public that Amir Sarhangi will be leaving his position at Google to lead Ripple’s global payments network, dubbed RippleNet. Sarhangi joined Google back in 2015 at the time when the tech giant acquired Jibe Mobile. The latter is a startup that he founded in a bid to develop technology for wireless carriers to execute rich communication system (RCS). 

The RCS technology standard is regarded as a successor of the text messages (SMS). It is considered a better way to send media and commercial messages over cell networks. As per some of the online reports, RCS technology has seen wide adoption by major global tech suppliers, including Samsung and Apple. 

The recent announcement follows the report by Ripple that the company reported its revenues’ increase in the Q3 in comparison to Q2 2018. As per the official data, Ripple sold $163.33 million worth of XRP in token sales in Q3. This is more than double the $73.53 million that they sold in quarter two. 

Ripple Promotes Positive Crypto Stance

At the end of September, Ripple established a group of crypto startups in a bid to lobby lawmakers and financial regulators intending to assist in taking a more positive stance in regards to the cryptocurrency market. As per the agreement, Ripple will pay Klein/Johnson Group, which is a bipartisan lobby group. The group will communicate to state authorities that the industry needs support from watchdogs. 

In October, cryptocurrency exchange and wallet Coinbase informed the public that a member of the board of directors of the Charles Schwab Corporation joined the crypto firms’ board of directors. During the same month, the ex-COO of major US stock exchange Nasdaq subsidiary Jeanine Hightower-Sellitto joined cryptocurrency exchange Gemini as the managing director of operations to lead its client services team

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