EU officials meet to discuss EU Brexit negotiations plan

Yesterday, 27 European leaders hold a meeting to discuss the EU Brexit negotiations plan. What did they decide on? 

16 December, AtoZForex – European Union Leaders met on Thursday to form the agenda for Brexit negotiations. The officials agreed to closely collaborate to ensure the United Kingdom does not insist on such a deal that could prompt others to withdraw from the union.

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May left before the other 27 leaders had a meeting to finalize plans on how Brexit talks should evolve. Theresa May ensured other European officials that she would trigger the two-year procedure of Brexit by the end of March. In spite of the outcome of the Supreme Court ruling. However, some disagree saying that it poses a risk on her schedule.

Any agreement has to be a balance of obligations and rights

As an outcome of the meeting, the European leaders released a statement saying they are “determined to see the Union succeed”. They are also prepared to discuss the exit in order to “tackle the uncertainties” that could emerge due to the prospect of Brexit. Yet, they stated that “any agreement will have to be based on a balance of rights and obligations”. Therefore, European officials refused attempts of the UK to maintain access to the EU’s single market. Unless the country accepts free immigration from the continent.

Theresa May left the meeting without mentioning Brexit, rather concentrating on Syria. She promised to provide a further 20 million pounds of support for the most vulnerable fleeing Aleppo. She tried to deliver a message that the UK would be fully involved in talks on EU issues. Along with being prone to set a tone for a “smooth” exit. UK Prime Minister welcomed the meeting of the other EU leaders without her.

EU Brexit negotiations plan

According to the EU Brexit negotiations plan, officials would establish a set of institutions to mirror present EU forums but without the UK. Further, ministerial councils would hold a meeting to keep national governments in control of discussions led by Michel Barnier, a former French minister.

EU governments are forcing Theresa May to begin negotiations. However, they view the ideas of Britain in regards to what they can achieve through the negotiations to be unrealistic. Some UK’s ministers think Britain can obtain a free trade deal with the bloc by the time the exit procedure is finalized. But not many EU officials share their opinion as such deals can take up to a decade.

Philip Hammond, UK’s finance minister, has recently stated that the UK would not want to see an outcome of getting the World Trade Organization (WTO) access. The finance minister hopes that the UK would be able to reach an agreement with European partners enabling tariff-free access on a reciprocal basis.

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