eToro Adds Support for Chainlink and Uniswap Tokens

Online trading company eToro has added two more tokens to its cryptocurrency network. Chainlink and Uniswap are now available to users.

April 20, 2021 | AtoZ Markets – eToro has decided to add two more tokens to its network to meet the growing investor demand for Chainlink (LINK) and Uniswap (UNI) coins. Now 18 cryptocurrencies are available for platform users.

eToro adds Chainlink and Uniswap to the platform

Now is the time to add new cryptocurrencies to the eToro platform. We are seeing strong demand from retail investors for this asset class. LINK and UNI have interesting use cases, reminding us that not all cryptocurrencies have to be a means of payment. Chainlink is an important project aimed at digitizing information stored on the blockchain, and Uniswap is an important part of the crypto-trading infrastructure, ” explained Doron Rosenblum, VP of Business Solutions at eToro.

eToro plans to expand its cryptocurrency offering to both retail and professional clients in the coming months.

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Research data from JPMorgan Chase & Co suggests that small and retail traders bought as much bitcoin as large institutional investors. Retail players have already purchased over 187,000 bitcoins this quarter, up from about 205,000 last quarter. Companies and institutions bought about 173,000 bitcoins during this period.

A similar situation is observed with the Link token. The  network’s native token is steadily rising in price amid a  decrease in LINK stocks on cryptocurrency exchanges. LINK’s recent breakthrough coincided with Grayscale’s announcement of the Chainlink Trust launch. On-chain data confirms the likelihood of bullish price action as LINK stocks on exchanges regularly update historical lows.

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