Ethereum’s ConsenSys to Cut Staff By 14% Amid Major Restructuring

ConsenSys, an Ethereum-bases blockchain outfit, is slashing 14 percent of its workforce amid a major restructuring in its core business model.

February 5, 2020, | AtoZ Markets –  New York-based ConsenSys, one of the leading blockchain developers, announced a major restructuring that will cut about 14% of its workers.

Notably, ConsenSys came out six years ago as an Ethereum venture production studio and has operated this way since then. The company has also backed over 100 blockchain firms with over $100 million in investment in the last four years. Additionally, ConsenSys has promoted Ethereum-based solutions for over 300 clients worldwide, including 50 enterprise clients.

Product teams will be unaffected

Moreover, the blockchain leader wants to separate its software development business from its venture activities. The restructuring will reduce headcount by about 14%. While the company didn’t specify which business would lose more workers, a spokesperson told Reuters that the most affected roles would be across human resources, finance, and marketing. The product teams will be unaffected.

As a result, ConsenSys will continue to develop its two separate strategies:

  • The software business, which comprises several of its products optimized for a modular stack, including Metamask, Codefi, Infura, and PegaSys. This division will revolve around two key objectives:
    To offer developer tools and infrastructure for the developer, startup, and decentralized finance communities;
    2. Help companies operating in the financial services, trade finance, and commerce markets benefit from the blockchain technology.
  • ConsenSys Investments will carry on with its typical venturing activities by expanding its current portfolio that includes blockchain-oriented startups.

“This restructuring is a critical step toward enabling ConsenSys to continue to drive innovation, better serve its customers and the broader ecosystem, and keep pace with accelerating market growth,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

Consensys continues to support Ethereum ecosystem

The company also said that it remained dedicated to the Ethereum ecosystem by supporting public mainnet projects and institutional and enterprise projects. Moreover, Consensys and The Ethereum Foundation (EF) are currently working on phase two development for Ethereum 2.0. The latest update is adding state and execution to the Ethereum shards.

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