Ethereum Secures Second Position on China's Crypto Ranking

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) has published its year-end crypto project rankings. In the latest rankings, Ethereum moved from third to second, trading places with Tron. 

10 December 2019 | AtoZMarkets – The CCID, a research institute that operates under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has released the 15th crypto ranking.

The institute started providing the Global Blockchain technology Assessment Index back in May 2018. The Index originally ranked 28 cryptocurrency projects that have now extended to 35 projects.

This latest index is released amidst the reports of the country preparing to launch its own central bank-issued digital currency. According to a new report, the People’s Bank of China may launch a pilot test of the digital currency in the cities of Suzhou and Shenzhen and onboard telecom giants like Huawei and commercial banks for the same.

Bitcoin slowing climbing up

The world's leading cryptocurrency started at 13th place the same as Verge cryptocurrency on CCID’s list. At that time, it got the highest score (35.6) among all the listed cryptocurrencies in the creativity section and the lowest (39.4) in basic technology.

This time Bitcoin is at 9th spot and the same as the first time it got the best score (42.9) among all the ranked cryptos in creativity and the lowest (42.6) in basic technology. From the 14th Index, Bitcoin is 2 steps up.

Ethereum regained its number two ranking

EOS remains at the top of the overall ranking, followed by Ethereum and then Tron. The center started ranking Tron in February, debuting it at number two overall. However, in July, it dropped to the third place and Ethereum regained its number two ranking. In September, Tron overtook Ethereum once again but only to fall to the third place once more this month.  The second-largest cryptocurrency was the winner of the first Index.

Ethereum China Crypto Ranking

Tron founder Justin Sun took to Twitter to share that “TRON was ranked top 3 in this list together with EOS and ETH” in the CCID’s 15th global public blockchain technology assessment index. He added,

“In addition, TRON also ranked No.1 among all Chinese Public Blockchain.”

The index puts Ripple at 18th position while Bitcoin Cash gets 27th place. Other top cryptos in the list include XLM at 10th spot, Monero at 22nd, Tezos 26th, Cardano 29th, Litecoin -32nd, and IOTA 35th.

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