Ethereum Price Surges to 4-Month High Above $190

Ethereum (ETH) price is having its moment, as prices surge to a four-month high above $190. The recovery took the ETH gains in 2020 to date above those of Bitcoin (BTC).

February 3, 2020, | AtoZ Markets – Ethereum prices have promised a bigger rally, headed for $200, noted Skew research. Both spot and derivative markets show a pickup in activity in the past days, pushing Ethereum away from its lows. Even with the robust gains of BTC and its move above $9,000, ETH has not given up the fight and looks like starting an encouraging new trend.

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ETH prices turned out more bullish than expected

Ethereum raised doubts on whether the last few weeks of relatively flat trading was indeed marking the bottom before a new rally. In the past month, all attention was on Bitcoin, but ETH turned out more bullish than expected. The $190 price level was taken in just one day of rapid appreciation, on expanding volumes.

On Monday, Ethereum price slightly corrected downward to $188, but the relatively high volumes and momentum may push up the price again. ETH trading is now even more active in comparison to the 2017 bull market, with activity constantly close or above $10 billion. Last month, Ethereum trading activity market an all-time high at above $17 billion in 24 hours.

Inflows from Tether (USDT) are also growing in the past few days, from $1.45 billion over the weekend to $1.47 billion on Monday. The pickup in trading activity may signal recovery as ETH becomes one of the strongest gainers in the past month.

Ethereum price flows continuously into DAI stablecoin, decreasing circulating supply

The Ethereum price rally follows long months of sliding, and the recovery remains relatively uncertain. There are a few factors, however, that makes ETH prices rally. The switch to multi-collateral DAI means once again more ETH is locked into Maker, as noted by TokenAnalyst.

In the past months, more Ethereum was locked away for lending schemes, and there may also be some accumulation for staking. Active addresses remain just below 300,000, showing regular usage, but also some addresses used for holding onto the coins. ETH transactions have also slowed down a bit at around 580,000 per day. The ETH market price may also have recovered from pressures stemming from the Upbit hack may be abating.

ETH activity also reveals the effect of USDT based on the Ethereum network. The coins minted surpassed 2.29 billion and are among the most active type of stablecoin, boosting the ETH pairing. More than 52% of all ETH trading happens against USDT, explaining the decoupling from BTC prices. Ethereum, however, still trades at 0.02 BTC, far from its peak at 0.15 BTC in 2017. The most ambitious hope for ETH supporters is the coin would finally start to reclaim its positions against BTC.

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