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Ethereum Price Accelerate Declines Below $120

Ethereum Price Accelerate Declines Below $120

Ethereum price is faced with a fresh round of selling against the US Dollar. ETHUSD broke the $120 low and it could accelerate further losses. Where is the pair now headed? OctaFX shared their technical forecast.

November 23, OctaFX – Ethereum and Litecoin followed the broader cryptocurrency market lower this week, as the recent digital currency market sell-off showed few signs of stopping.

Ethereum and Litecoin crash

Ethereum came close to the $100.00 support level, while Litecoin broke the $30.00 benchmark before finding support from the $29.60 level. The recent decline in the cryptocurrency market has caused a ripple effect in the industry, with cryptocurrency mining now becoming unprofitable for some of the world’s largest crypto mining facilities.

Ethereum network vulnerability revealed

A news about the major vulnerability of major vulnerability on Ethereum blockchain might have added pressure on the third largest coin by market value.

As discovered by Level K company, focused on decentralized projects, the bug that sits in Ethereum-based cryptocurrency GasToken forces cryptocurrency exchanges pay extraordinarily high fees on ETH transactions. Bad actors could exploit the bug to make a profit.

“GasToken, which takes advantage of the refund mechanism on storage in Ethereum, allows users to store gas when the gas price is low and receive a gas refund when the gas price is high. By minting large amounts of GasToken when receiving ETH, the griefing vector mentioned above can now be a profitable attack,” the company explained.

ETHUSD technical forecast

  • The ETHUSD pair is strongly bearish while trading below the $190.00 level, further losses towards the $100.00 and $50.00 levels remains possible.
  • If the ETHUSD pair trades above the $190.00 level, further gains towards the $205.00 and $2625 resistance levels then seems possible.


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