Ethereum Foundation Reported That the London Update Is Now Ready on Testnets.

June 18, 2021, | AtoZ MarketsThe Ethereum Foundation informed the long-anticipated London upgrade is now ready for deployement on the Ethereum testnet.  The upgrade will first go live on Ropsten, at block 10499401, which is expected to happen around June 24, 2021.

This upgrade follows Berlin, which was activated only a few months ago on the Ethereum mainnet. By starting the work on London while Berlin was being rolled out, client teams were able to release this network upgrade at record speed.

The upgrade includes the following EIPs:

It is worth noting that EIP-1559, while backwards compatible with the current transaction format, introduces changes to the block header, adds a new transaction type, comes with new JSON RPC endpoints, and changes the behavior clients in several areas (mining, transaction pool, etc.). It is highly recommended that projects familiarize themselves with the EIP.

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The foundation also said that “Ethereum node operators should upgrade their nodes prior to the fork block on the networks they want to participate in. Due to block time variability, it is recommended to update several days before the expected date”.

For those customers using Ethereum it is important to know that the mentioned updates will only affect the test networks and not the main network, so no changes or modifications should be made.

However, Ropsten miners or Goerli / Rinkeby validators must download the latest version of the Ethereum client and then must manually change the gas limit target to double what it is currently.

This is because once London is live, the block size will be doubled and EIP-1559 will keep blocks about 50% full.

What Happens During a Network Upgrade?

After the community comes to an agreement concerning which changes should be included in the upgrade, changes to the protocol are written into the various Ethereum clients, such as geth, Erigon, Besu and Nethermind. The protocol changes are activated at a specific block number.

Any nodes that have not been upgraded to the new ruleset will be abandoned on the old chain where the previous rules continue to exist.


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