EtherDelta Hacked: How to withdraw your funds safely?

EtherDelta Hacked! If you have been trading Ethers or any other token via this exchange, you might have been sending your tokens to the hacker. What to do now? 

21 December, AtoZForex One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges EtherDelta got hacked. Just yesterday, numerous users have been sending their tokens to the hacker instead of the genuine exchange.

EtherDelta Hacked

Reportedly, minimum 308 Ethers ($266, 789) have been stolen along with a large number of tokens potentially worth hundreds of dollars. You might have heard about EtherDelta as about decentralized exchange that is listing almost all Ethereum-based tokens that are existent.

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EtherDelta does not have the huge volume of transactions as opposed to other exchanges. However, this exchange is quite popular for those who participate in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

It appears that smart contracts that manage EtherDelta’s operation were not compromised during the attack. However, the hacker managed to take over EtherDelta’s DNS server to serve the false version of the site to the users.

The EtherDelta attack is yet another warning of the dangers users face when dealing with digital currencies. In fact, global regulators have been already concerned about the increased amount of hacker attacks in the cryptoworld.

How did hacker carry out the EtherDelta Attack?

This attack appears to be much more dangerous than the usual phishing hack attack. Normally, during the common attack, a fake site sets up a domain name that is similar to the genuine one. In this case, users who have been visiting the site yesterday afternoon were presented with partially fictional, yet very convincing version of the site.

The attack has been dismantled in a matter of hours, while the real EtherDelta website is back to the usual operational mode. Yet, any visitor who has interacted with the false site might have sent ETH or any other token to the hacker.

The official representatives of EtherDelta advised users not to use the site until further notice. You can check the state of the wallets you used with EtherDelta over at

How to withdraw your funds safely?

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