Eryk Kopan new XTB Head of Retails Sales

AtoZ Markets — Aiming to become one of the Forex industry leaders under the age of 40, Eryk Kopan has moved away from IronFX to head the retail sales department of XTB UK. Why has Eryk Kopan moved to XTB and what is next for him? Find the answers to these questions in the AtoZForex industry leadership interview for this week.


Quyen: To kick off the interview, why did you decide to pursue a career in Forex?

Erik Kopan:During my studies at the University of East London, I participated in the Bloomberg Investment Competition, an extracurricular activity. It was a competition in a simulated environment, where I had to make my own plans and investment decisions while building a good performing portfolio in a team effort. This is when I came across Forex trading and learned about the industry. Ever since, I have decided to pursue a career in Forex.”

Quyen: How and when did your Forex career begin?

Erik Kopan: “Well, I commenced my Forex career in 2014, after graduating from the University of East London with a Master’s Degree in Finance and Risk. I landed my first job at IronFX as a FX Sales Account Manager. Where after, a few months I moved on to XTB UK.”

Quyen: Why did you proceed your career at XTB?

Erik Kopan: “There are several reasons why I continued my career at XTB. First off, it’s one of leaders in the European market with a big focus on technology. Secondly, I support and enjoy the company’s transparency and open policy towards its clients. Especially in a tough and challenging market, XTB provides a substantial education program for its clients. Based on these pillars of the company, I find XTB to be the best fit for my career goals and aspirations.”


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Quyen: As XTB’s new Head of Retail Sales, what are your goals?

Erik Kopan: “At the moment the focus of XTB Group lies with developing the business around the globe, whereas my personal goals are to improve the exposure of XTB in the UK market. Obviously, my current focus lies with enhancing and building upon XTB’s current client acquisition and retention processes.”

Quyen: What is your Brexit speculation for London?

Erik Kopan: “Well, it is definitely a turbulent time for the whole financial industry, due to Brexit being ahead of us and the uncertainty that comes with that. There is quite a lot of speculation in terms of what is going to happen next in London and how it might influence the UK’s financial services market overall. However at this moment in time, I would say that it’s too far away to speculate accurately on any possible impact for London and the UK.”

Thank you for your time and input Eryk. We are happy to deliver the news about your next career milestone and wish you the best of luck as the new XTB Head of Retails Sales. Stay tuned with AtoZ Markets for the latest industry leadership interviews.


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