Emerge Unlocks Blockchain Potential to Tackle Coronavirus

A Canadian company, Emerge is turning to blockchain technology in its efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America. This technology will help provide security by alerting people to areas that may be overcrowded and help in reducing gatherings or long queues.

06 April, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Emerge, in collaboration with its tech partner Penta Network, is launching a blockchain application, Civitas, to tackle the difficulties resulting from the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America. The company said, “Blockchain and AI are fighting the epidemic on the front lines, with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to limit their impact.

Use of Blockchain Technology Against Coronavirus

Emerge, a Toronto-based start-up, is launching a public safety app called Civitas to help local authorities in many countries. Moreover, the application was designed “to improve safety and cut waiting times in stores by reducing gatherings in tight spaces”.

The number of coronavirus infections in this region has not yet peaked as sharply as in the US or Europe. But, judging by the way cases are increasing exponentially. It should not be long before the crisis left serious and lasting effects on already underfunded health systems.

According to the official blog, Civitas will unlock blockchain potential to provide security by alerting people to potentially crowded areas. However, it will help reduce gatherings or long queues, thereby curbing the spread of the disease. The software will link each individual’s government identities to a unique blockchain-based record that will help authorities determine if they allow to venture outside. If citizens report having coronavirus-like symptoms, the app could help them determine the safest days to go out for essentials.

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Theseus to Streamline Critical Food Supply Chain

The company also announced that it would deploy Theseus, an enterprise logistics solution to optimize the global food supply chain. Theseus will improve the movement of food supply in the region. It also tackles heightened demand for medical supplies and medications. It will be able to manage these supply chain inefficiencies and much more.

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