Can electoral vote stop Donald Trump presidency?

US electors will meet today to cast their ballots. Is there a chance that the electoral college vote can stop Donald Trump presidency?

19 December, AtoZForex – The US Electoral College will vote today for the New President-elect Donald Trump to be officially selected. Usually, it is a routine procedure. But this year there is more uncertainty around it due to allegations that Russia hacked the US to influence the elections.

Donald Trump presidency confirmed? 

On Monday, the institution’s 538 electors that are selected by state parties will meet to vote for the president and vice president. It is unlikely that this voting will change the result of the presidential when Donald Trump was elected to become a new president. The popular vote went to Trump’ s opponent Hillary Clinton. However, Democrats urged some electors not to vote as ordered by their state’s popular ballot. After, the FBI together with CIA concluded that Russia hacked into emails of the Democratic National Committee to try to affect the elections.

During the presidential campaign, the leaked emails revealed such things as Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street, party infighting as well as usage of a private server to send emails when being US secretary of state. These finding called for some party officials to step down.

However, Donald Trump and his team refused allegations against Russia, accusing Democrats of attempting to ruin the legitimacy of his election victory. Russian officials have also dismissed the accusations. Yesterday, John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, commented that it was not clear if Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia about the emails. Hence, a bipartisan group of US senators requested a special committee investigation into cyber attackers executed by Russia and other nations.

Electoral College voting 

The number of Electoral College electors is the same as the number of Congress’s representatives and senators. Each state obtains a share that is in proportion with its population size. When electors vote they select a presidential candidate’s preferred slate for their state. In order for a candidate to win, it has to secure 270 votes. During the elections, Donald Trump won 306 electors from 30 states.

The electors usually meet to vote in around six weeks following the presidential elections. In a scenario when none of the candidates manage to achieve 270 votes in the Electoral College, the US house of Representatives selects the president.

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