easyMarkets Security manager arrested: Broker resolves case with Police

Craig Jenkins, the Fraud and Security manager at easyMarkets has been arrested in Limassol. What happened? Why was easyMarkets Security manager arrested? AtoZForex has reached out to various officials for more details on the case.

September 9, AtoZForex The initial information about the case came from social media, which stated that the management team at easyMarkets has charged Mr. Jenkins with involvement in a bomb threat. These allegations were made by Craig Jenkins’ spouse on the social media platforms Facebook and LinkedIn, as she shared her assumptions why her spouse, the Fraud and Security Manager at easyMarket, has been arrested in Limassol.

The social media posts of Mr. Jenkins’ spouse claimed that her husband was wrongly accused. However, the management representative from easyMarkets has clarified that the allegations in social media are “completely false”. In the meantime, the social media posts have been removed.

Why was easyMarkets Security manager arrested?

In order to gain additional insight to the case, AtoZForex has contacted Charlotte Day, the Head of Content & Social Media Marketing at easyMarkets. easyMarkets is a Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulated broker. The Cyprus based Forex broker has been in business since 2003 and offers trading platforms for both Forex and commodities markets. Ms. Day has provided us with more details upon the case, as she commented that:

“We can confirm that easyMarkets is working with the police in resolving the matter. We can also confirm that no direct threats have been made to the company or its staff, business operations continue as normal and trading is in no way affected. Whilst we are unable to comment on specifics due to the confidentiality of the ongoing police proceedings, we can confirm that the company refutes the accusations made via Facebook which were subsequently removed.”

AtoZForex has also reached out to the Central Police Station in Limassol. The Limassol Police station has confirmed that Craig Jenkins is currently in custody, but the representative of the Limassol Police added that no further details about the case can be disclosed at this moment.

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