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How to earn free Stellar Lumens XLM?

Amandeep Sonewane | Mar. 28, 2019
How to earn free Stellar Lumens XLM?

March 28, 2019 | AtoZ Markets - Stellar Lumen (XLM) has joined the Coinbase Earn platform that incentivizes users to learn about the technology behind the cryptocurrency, by rewarding them with free Stellar Lumens XLM coins. In a surprise move, US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that it is going to give away more than $100 million worth of Stellar (XLM) to users who take part in its Earn platform.

Here is how to earn free Stellar Lumens XLM

In order to receive the free Stellar Lumens XLM coins, a user will have to sign up for a Coinbase account and need to watch five educational videos about the Stellar protocol. Those videos are short and can be watched in less than an hour.

The company’s focus is to educate users about the use of the XLM coin in banks, businesses, and their own use. In addition to that, users get to know how Stellar protects digital assets. After that, there will be few quizzes to solve, and once passed, the user will be awarded $10 Stellar Lumen (XLM).

Currently, the offer is only valid for the residents of the United States. However, Coinbase said that the offer would be available to international users soon.

How much Stellar (XLM) can you earn?

A total of $50 can be earned per user. By watching the five videos and completing the quizzes a user can earn $10 worth of XLM coins. Afterward, a user gets a choice to earn $40 more by inviting up to 4 friends. Each successful referral would make $10 worth of XLM.

Coinbase drive to promote the development of the Stellar Network

Stellar Lumen (XLM) provides a platform for the developers to integrate the current financial system on Blockchain using the Stellar Protocol. It also aims “to tokenize existing assets and currencies such as US dollars and euros.” The Stellar Network is primarily built on the unified ledger concept of Bitcoin based on Stellar Consensus Protocol.

Hence, by promoting the learning initiative, the foundation aims to attract the developers to build tokens and assets on the Stellar Network.

“Coinbase’s mission is to create an open financial system for the world…Stellar’s goal of connecting banks, payment systems, and people more efficiently than today’s financial infrastructure is an example of how crypto can help achieve this vision.”, Coinbase added in a tweet.

ZCash, BAT and 0X on Coinbase Earn programme

Free Stellar Lumens XLM is not the only option who look for making some profit. Coinbase Earn platform also has an option for Zcash, BAT and 0x. However, the Stellar Lumens offer is far most lavish. After all, users get some free cryptocurrency by understanding the basic concept behind these cryptocurrencies.

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