Dutch Tech Companies Launch Tech Against Corona Initiative

A group of Dutch companies launched the “Tech against Corona” project. Companies participating in the initiative will provide the Dutch government with the latest technology and skills so that they can be used to fight the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19).

30 March, 2020 | AtoZ Markets –  Almost all countries have realized that if there is a practical application of science that can fight the pandemic, it is emerging technologies such as the blockchain. Several Dutch tech companies have come together to lead an initiative called “Tech Against Corona” to help the Dutch government tackle the panic-causing coronavirus epidemic.

Dutch Tech Companies Team up Against Coronavirus Outbreak

A consortium of Dutch companies launched the “Tech against Corona” initiative. Participating companies will provide the Dutch government with free access to innovative technologies. It can be used in the fight against COVID-19.

Several Dutch tech companies, officials and some members of parliament held a virtual meeting on Wednesday. They discussed how they could all help tackle the epidemic. They also discussed the role each of them could play in helping providers healthcare, civil servants and other essential service workers.

The cybersecurity company, Cybersprint, will provide security services to several hospitals against COVID-19 malware attacks. It also ensures that no health data lost or compromised during this crisis.

IT company, Compumatica, will improve the internet connections of homeworkers working in critical service sectors and will not let the crisis hamper their usual working hours.

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Tymlez Bring Transparency to Medical Supply Chain

TYMLEZ, which is also one of the top ten technology companies in the Netherlands, will help set up blockchain-based supply chain websites that will systematically track relief supplies.

It proposed its blockchain platform as an underlying technology. It is to “model the ecosystem of medical goods through a platform that matches supply and demand”.

The company’s blockchain will use to provide transparency throughout the supply chain. It will prevent the predatory value extraction, such as price scams, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

Information security firm, Taxion will freely administer the online systems to organize volunteer workers to manage the online systems. The Dutch telecommunications company KPN will also partner with the global IT conglomerate Microsoft. It will also supply computer systems as part of this initiative.

Each company is having its own vision on how to combat the spread and contain the consequences of this pandemic. The initiative provides a powerful example of the absolute need for new technology, said Member of Parliament Chris van Dam.

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