Disappointment for Brexit voters, UK Migration target scrapped

21 July, AtoZForex – According to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), in its latest Migration statistics quarterly report, net migration to the UK for 2015 was +333,000. A 20,000 increase from 2014. This was somewhat a failure on the path of Theresa May, who was home secretary and vested with the responsibility to reduce net migration to 100,000. A key aspect which prompted Brexit vote by its supporters is the desire to reduce the UK’s net migration, and this mandate seems to be getting abandoned as UK Migration target scrapped.

Disappointment for Brexit voters, UK Migration target scrapped

Newly appointed home secretary and foreign secretary Amber Rudd and Boris Johnson have signaled the UK government may be ditching the migration mandate, or at least not prioritizing it. Amber Rudd actually voted for “remain”, but he primary responsibility as home secretary is to check migration issues. On the other hand, Boris Johnson, who was one of the masterminds of Brexit is now foreign secretary also holds a key position in tackling the migration issues.

UK Migration target scrapped, despite the level of importance of the migration issues to Brexit voters, which was the most key issue leading to Brexit winning the vote with 51.9%, these ministers have pointed that reducing net migration to below 100,000 is no longer a key mandate under May’s government, and hence, has been abandoned. The new home secretary said, instead, the government aim is to reduce net migration to “sustainable levels,” according to BBC. Meanwhile, Johnson, the new foreign secretary said it was “entirely right to be careful about committing to numbers because one doesn’t want to be in a position where you are disappointing people again.” Theresa May’s spokesperson also pointed that “sustainable levels does mean the tens of thousands.” Also emphasizing that there is no commitment to adhere to the previous target.

Conservative manifesto

Net migration which — calculated by the number of people who have migrated to the UK, less the number who have left – has always been a key issue for the UK government. A mandate to reduce net migration to below 100,000 was in the Conservative manifesto, but as the numbers show, this target was never met. Brexit voters should, therefore, brace up for some disappointment.

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