Digital Tools That Every Startup Needs

November 3, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – The Digital revolution has taken over the world rapidly. While it started way back, the recent times of this pandemic have only pushed forward this revolution. The corporate world was forced to leave behind the traditional methods of running a business and adopt new technologies in the new normal. 

With the digital revolution came advancement in technology. This advancement enabled software developers to develop several digital tools that made the life of work from home more manageable for not only employers but also employees. 

Moreover, while this pandemic was, unfortunately, a reason for many businesses to witness hard times, there are countless startups that took birth. 

Running a startup can often get too much for the owner, owing to the never-ending tasks needed to be taken care of in the given amount of time. 

In this article, you can read about all the digital tools that are now available in the market that make the lives of these startups comfortable and convenient. 

Digital tools that startups should consider investing in 

Communication tools

The first and most critical tool that every startup should adopt is communication tools. Without proper communication, the chances of an organization failing seem only to increase. 

Many communication tools are now available for businesses to invest in. These tools allow employers to communicate with the employees individually, talk to the team as a group, or host a video conference. 

Video conferencing software is perhaps the best tool to connect with your workforce. It ensures that you can delegate your work properly to your employees while ensuring that they were attentive by reading their body language or facial expressions. 

The best video conferencing software that you can invest in is Adobe Connect. This tool not only allows you to host web conferences but also create training programs and offer seamless collaboration experiences.  

Project management software 

Another tool that will make life easier for employers is project management software. This digital tool solves plenty of problems for a business owner. 

The owner initially has several projects and tasks to juggle. It is important for them to assign and delegate tasks appropriately. This is where this tool comes into the picture. 

With project management software, you can easily create task lists so that you don’t miss out on important work. 

This tool also helps you assign tasks, keep a check on the progress of work, and ensure no employee in your workforce is overburdened with the workload. 

Digital marketing tools 

One of the major goals of any startup is to become visible in front of a prospective audience. This is because if your audience doesn’t know about you, the chances of them engaging with your brand decrease, thus making the purpose of your company irrelevant. 

Countless marketing tools are now available to advertise your brand digitally. 

From tools that help you rank on the first page of Google to tools that help you schedule your social media posts, from tools that help you with email marketing to tools for paid advertising, there is a software for every challenge you might face.  

Collaboration tools

Quite often, employees are needed to work together as a team. Collaboration would usually have involved endless emails and a dozen miscommunications. 

Not anymore. 

There are now collaboration tools available for startups to invest in. These tools allow you to share files with each other easily and also provide easy access to others for your data. 

Collaboration tools ensure that your employees remain productive for as long as possible, as it avoids any delay in the completion of work. 


Running a startup can often become a task. However, thanks to technological advancement, there are now several digital tools that make it a little easier. From the web conferencing tool to the collaboration tool, each of these software has its own list of advantages that make them worth adopting. 


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