David Cameron blames Brexit on Migration concerns

29 June, AtoZForex – In the aftermath of the EU referendum, all eyes are on the EU summit and David Cameron. As yesterday, the discussions about the Brexit took place. The UK Prime Minister revealed that the UK will not turn their back on the EU and that close relations will need to be maintained. More interestingly, David Cameron blames Brexit vote on the EU migration issues and concerns.

It was reported that during the EU summit, David Cameron stated that: “One of the key issues in the referendum campaign, why so many voted to leave, is this sense that there was no control of immigration or free movement, that was one of the factors.”

How the EU leaders reacted to Cameron’s defeat?

On arriving at the EU Summit, David Cameron revealed his desires for constructive talks about Britain’s future relationship with the EU. Clearing the path with the EU for his successor. Despite Cameron’s failed attempt to win the Remain campaign, the EU leaders greeted him with consoling pats on the shoulder and smiles on his arrival in Brussels.

In response, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel stated that: “Despite this separation which we all regret, the UK remains a partner and a friend”. Building further, the EU Commission President, Jean Claude Juncker commented that “the British vote has cut off one of our wings, but we are still flying”.

Cameron urges EU to accept new UK migration rules

At the start of the EU Summit, David Cameron admitted for the first time his failure to take measures on the number of migrants that headed to the UK. He realizes that the migration issues should have been addressed more in his “remain” campaigns up to historic polls.

In order to move further, David Cameron warned the EU will need to accept UK’s new migration restrictions in a future deal. According to David Cameron this will be a requirement, if both parties want to maintain close trading ties.

Juncker warns against Secret Brexit negotiations

As David Cameron blames Brexit on the migration issues, he also informed the EU leaders that article 50 will not be invoked yet. He explained that it is a matter for the next UK Prime Minister. It is generally known that the UK needs to invoke Article 50 first, before any actions can be taken. However, Mr. Juncker appears to be concerned and is afraid of that Brussels officials are starting secret Brexit negotiations:

“I don’t think we should see any shadow-boxing or any cat-and-mouse games. It is clear what the British people want and we should act accordingly. Let me be very clear: we can’t have secret attempts to take the British Government aside, to become (begin) secret, informal negotiations.”

In response, the EU leaders warned again that the formal withdrawal process of the UK cannot be commenced, before Article 50 of the Lison Treaty will be invoked.

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