CySEC Officer Impersonation Scam

10 June, AtoZForex — Following a CySEC officer impersonation scam announcement from 27/11/2015, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) further made public a similar warning.

CySEC warned the public (specifically investors) that it had come to their notice that the regulators logo and contact information have been continually used in scam correspondence such as letters and messages.

CySEC officer impersonation scam

Contact addresses such as and along with other false contact information have been used by unidentified individuals posing as CySEC officers to conduct fraudulent activity. The addresses and contact information are in no way connected to CySEC.

Posing as CySEC officers, the culprits made contact with investors using the false addresses (additionally,, and

By using different schemes and claims (eg. tax payments), they convinced the victims to make fund transfers to specified accounts.

CySec's official clarification over the scam

CySEC clearly pointed to its disconnection from any of the mentioned illegal activities, accounts, individuals and information indicated.

CySEC further mentioned that it never partakes in uninvited communication with investors/public regarding bank or personal details and that it never conducts any financial transactions.

The regulator does not verify, monitor or authorize payments and is by no means connected to payments between legal and natural persons (or private or pubic agencies).

Vigilance is recommended by CySEC

CySEC has warned the public to stay alerted in case any such CySEC impersonated communication is received but was not initiated by the receiver of the communication (requesting payments or fund transfers). The public is expected to receive authenticity confirmation from the official account before following up with any action.

Individuals that may have already received such suspicious communication are urged to contact the official CySEC address -

There have been several other instances of regulator impersonation. A well known unfortunate instance was the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission - ASIC impersonation.

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