CWMFX's case worsens as London Police urges investigation

CWMFX, forex ponzi scheme, City of London PoliceX raid, Forex investigationCWM FX is no doubt in a serious situation, following allegations of ties to a mega $16 billion ponzi scheme, in conjunction with the confirmed 13 people that were arrested at the London Heron Tower back on the 3rd of March. Today, reports reaching us show that the London police has urged customers who have funds invested in CWM managed funds to get in touch with investigators in charge of this case.

This is a serious situation for it to have invokes the attention of this particular arm of the police as The City of London Police is the National arm, concerned with serious Fraud cases involve with covering high profile cases of economic crime and investigations.

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For clients who have invested interest in the above mentioned scheme by CWM FX, it is in their best interest that they get in contact with the City of London Police as soon as possible as they have been urged to do so. The CWM (Capital World Markets) managed funds is said to be offering 5% interest per month.

It has become obvious that the firm’s efforts to deny all allegations as regards this has been futile by hiring high profile lawyer Charlotte Harris of Kingsley Napley LLP, who previously stated that “We can confirm our client’s offices were not raided by the police yesterday, and that there is no investigation into CWM FX.”

To the contrary, Detective Superintendent Maria Woodall, the lead agent on the investigation case said today:

“The primary objective of the arrest phase of this investigation was to stop what we believe was ongoing criminality and prevent people putting their money into CWM’s managed funds offering 5% interest per month.

“Now we need anyone who thinks they have invested in this specific enterprise to get in contact and help us clarify exactly how this company has been using the funds given to them in good faith by citizens living in both the UK and abroad.”

AtoZ Forex will keep on top of the case and continue to bring updates.

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