CWM FX CEO faces jail time: Guilty of sexual assaults

A year ago Forex brokerage, CWM FX went through a series of scandals as it was found to be engaged in fraudulent activities. Currently, CWM FX CEO faces jail time after being found guilty of sexual abuse. What are the accusations of the victims?

18 October, AtoZForex – The once thriving CWM FX, a sponsor of famous football club Chelsea FC, had to leave reputable London offices and shut down due to being involved in scam activities.  Now its chief executive, Anthony Constantinou, faces a jail time because of his misconduct during management of the company. Anthony Constantinou was accused of abusing his personnel.

CWM FX CEO faces jail time: several counts of sexual abuse

The chief executive of CWM FX was found guilty of two counts of sexual abuse and was cleared of one count, connected to a third woman after a retrial at the Old Bailey. As the judges announced the guilty verdicts, Anthony Constantinou seemed to be very distressed. The verdicts made last month could only be announced after the prosecution reported it would not be having another retrial.

One of the assaults happened two years ago, in October 2014, as the woman was groped and kissed by Constantinou against her wish. The abuse took place in the reception area. Another incident was in February 2015, while Anthony Constantinou with his colleagues were having drinks after a business meeting. The women reported that he threw her mobile against a wall saying ‘don’t answer phones in my meeting.’ Later he took hot wasabi and pushed it to her mouth, commenting to colleagues that she had a ‘cracking arse and tits’. Following the impudent behavior, the lady exited the room. However, Mr. Constantinou followed her and assaulted. The women told police that he roughly pushed his tongue into her mouth.

‘It’s literally like the film Wolf Of Wall Street. I just cannot believe it because you never ever think stuff – you never hear – you hear about trading floors but you never see it. So I am kind of going like this is getting out of hand.’


The offender refuses the accusations

Anthony Constantinou refused all the charges but at the same time didn’t provide any evidence. His lawyers said that the wasabi incident was an impudent behavior but the women exaggerated it. Until the court’s sentence which will take place on the 11th of November Mr. Constantinou is staying on bail.

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